Thursday, August 30, 2012

baby update: an almost toddler

monthage: 11! seriously, that's almost 12, which is one year. which is toddlerhood. how can my baby no longer be a baby?!

poundage: 23lbs about

teethage: a solid 7- 3 on bottom, 4 on top

food he loves: watermelon, bananas [he smiles SO big when he sees them], any type of puffy food, hotdogs and slurpees/junk food we're eating. he's not the best eater but we're working on it.

 these are two separate occasions- i just kept the boxes there bc he loved them so much!
tricks he turns: he can walk like a champ! changing directions, crouching down to grab something and such. but that's almost it. he can clap but we are working very hard on many, many things- waving bye-bye, saying mama or dada, baby sign language, folding arms. dude is useless. and it's like all of a sudden he's learned how to climb- therefore, he believes its his right to climb everything. boxes of diapers, his sensory bin, his mother. and once he's up there he dances- cutest thing in the whole wide world.

words he says: "hoo hoo" [think owl sound] whenever he sees something he wants or figures out we're gonna go out. i also think he says 'cluck cluck' but justin highly doubts it. he's not much for obviously he takes after justin.

how he's sleeping: landon now sleeps through the night [usually] 9pm-6am. now we're working on regular nap times. one thing i love and hate about landon is that he can sleep anyway and go longer without a nap when needed. but that's gotta come to an end so now i'm working on 2 naps a day that are longer then 20 min. so 11am and 4pm, dude is going down for a nap at least for an hour. on the first day i did this, he slept 2 WHOLE HOURS!! it was so wonderful- except we were late for play group but still, wonderful. i can't remember when he last slept 2 whole hours!

what landon loves: his mama- SUCH a mama's boy. he will follow me around, always whining at me to hold him or play with him. doesn't matter what toys he has or tv show i put on, he just wants me. which just annoys me to no end when i need to do something, but i also secretly love it. he's not going to be like this forever- pretty soon he's gonna realize daddy is the be all, end all and i will be left in the dust. so when justin complains about landon loving me more, i deny it with a huge, satisfied smile on my face. he also still loves his books- and anything that's not a toy [like kitchen utinsils]. he loves to eat paper, especially the toilet variety. he loves to sneak into the bathroom, our bedroom, fridge and pantry. he most recently has loved to 'share' his food with me- while in his highchair i'll lean in and he'll put his food in my mouth [i know gross] then take it back after i've had a bite then eat it. so cute- so gross. being a mom really lowers your standards. oh and he LOVES to throw- esp big heavy toys- at his tiny girlfriend's heads.

what landon hates: getting his teeth brushed [but he still smiles a big smile when he sees it], getting water on his head, not being held, when i ignore him.

what we're looking forward to: well his first birthday should be a big dealio, so that'll be super exciting. still trying to figure out kinks and get all the plans set in order but believe me, it's gonna be bombtastic.  we're also looking forward to june for his baby sister to arrive. not looking forward to our move again to carson in february. and hopefully we can squeeze a family vacation in here before the years out!
just kidding about the sister. but that'd be hilarious. we're looking forward to nursey age [i know, i know- i've got 7 more months].
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Caitlin said...

Wow! One more month! Horrah! So weird how fast it goes right?

Abby doesn't like toys either. She prefers anything BUT toys. Little hooligan babies. Can't wait til they can play again. (which I hope is soon?)

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