Friday, October 26, 2012

falling head first

i love fall- just love love love. because it's the kick off to the merry melissa season. i love the snuggly coats [like vegas needs them], the soups [like justin eats them] and the activities [which landon can't really enjoy yet]. justin thinks its silly to do so much for landon now because he's so little but i say we do them now bc when he's bigger he'll be harder and we'll have more kids so we won't WANT to do fun things. and if we do them now i won't feel so guilty later. 
plus it's not like my life is crazy busy.

this past week has been so horrible too - landon is cutting another tooth and he's been super clumsy [more then usual]. oh and justin has been gone every single night except one. can you imagine yourself at home alone with a one year old for 4 days?! it's torture. so i took advantage of the one day i had him here and we hit up the local pumpkin patch. sure it was over priced and too old for landon- but he loved people watching! he LOVES people watching. if he was a smiler, i bet he'd be ear to ear happy. 
 he was quite the scardy cat too [not surprising], didn't even want to walk around. just stood in place or clung to my leg. i think the hay was also getting to him too because his eyes were super watery. poor dude.
 it was a lot of fun but kind of short lived. i'm still glad we did it. the next day went to gilcrease orchards, which we visited a while back ago. this time we came with lots of friends and indented on picking a pumpkin for landon to paint [just wait for that fun messy adventure]. it was a fun half mile walk inside [man it was busy] to the pumpkin patch- made me feel so authentic. when in reality, i'm going to get the rest of our pumpkins at walmart. again, landon was timid and mainly kept to my leg.

 landon loved eating the corn stalks on the ground - tanner liked to push the stroller - charlotte was fond of the pumpkins and miss haddie just watched it all.
 after the patch we got some delicious apple cider and apple donuts at the picnic tables and landon played with the gates. man it was busy. what is it about the fall holidays that bring people to pumpkin patches? the worst.
 after the orchard we headed to the farm which is just a block away. landon loved it a WHOLE bunch more this time. granted, he was still a scardy cat who clung to my leg. but he couldn't be parted with the animals. really, i hope he realizes that i'm an awesome mom who does awesome things. because once more babies come i will not be quite so awesome.

seriously it was lots of fun. landon just adores animals and esp animal sounds. but once we actually see them and i make their sounds [which lets face it, sound absolutely nothing like their real sounds] he gets quite confused. and clingy. even with dogs, which he's around a lot. now he's getting braver- thank goodness. he is one scardy puppy dog. we also painted his pumpkin we got from the patch but sadly holly has those on her phone so keep tunes people, keep tuned.
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KinderTeach said...

Maybe Landon should write about the pumpkin patch. It's been almost a month already.
Pumpkin patches are awesome. There is one right next to my school and every elementary grade goes every year. Way to be an awesome mom

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