Wednesday, September 19, 2012

weightloss wednesday: pintips & 7 for 7

sometimes you find inspiration in the weirdest places. last week while i was running my mile [bc that's all the time i can make for my runs at night after dinner but before bed. which is 100% ok by me- at least i'm doing it] i started to get a little slower- my songs just weren't cutting it so i thought of something i'd seen on pinterest who knows when. it said something along the lines of 'it doesn't matter how fast you're going, you're still lapping the people on the couch'. and it helped me finish my mile- the fastest i've done since i've started clocking them on my nike+ app. and that's with my tubby baby and the chunky stroller. i was so proud of myself! so i thought i'd highlight some of my favorite pieces of inspiration for you.

why the lesbo from pretty little liars is on this- i have no idea

i really really really hate the naked/oh-i-just-look-this-fabulous-after-i-workout/pretty girl inspiration posters, because that's not real. you know what is- this.

justin & i had to forgo the 5k at the beginning of september bc it cost too much but my mommy friends and i have all decided to do one in october. it'll be nice to do it with some friends and have something to work towards. for me, i can now do 1 mile without stopping- which may be nothing to you but it's something to me. now i need to push myself to do a little bit more each day.

my challenge to myself this week is to do cardio at least one day a week- doesn't matter how long, just 7 days. now for me, the hardest days are friday, saturdays and sunday- so for those i'm counting family strolls. my plan:
sunday: stroll with the family. it's justin's birthday so we'll have to do it early bc we're having a party at night.monday: richard simmons & runtuesday: p90x & runwednesday: julian michaels & runthursday: richard simmons & runfriday: i'm going to see wicked with my mom! since i'll be busy at night, i'm going to do post-natal bootcamp in the morning.saturday: landon's birthday party- so i'll be busy all morning and afternoon. so my goal is just to run that night.
what's your plan for the week? MAKE A DEFINITE PLAN! and it's okay to change it- do more one day and don't feel bad if you have to do less another. write your goal down somewhere and aim high!

next week i'm trying to get a friend to write her exercise journey so look forward to that!

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Kari said...

Just so you know I really enjoy your weightloss wednesday segments as I am really into working out and being healthy since I have struggled with weight my whole life. In fact it's such a big part of my life I was thinking about doing a segment on my blog too, I just haven't gotten around to it. So I hope you don't think/mind me doing something similar. I'm not sure what yet but you've already inspired me :)

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