Friday, September 21, 2012

life lately: because a lot has been going on

life lately is starting another show- can anyone id it from this shot? it's printing landon's birthday invites and mailing them out. it's finishing his birthday pinata. it's pulling mommy's hair and thinking it's the best game in the world. until he does it to his girlfriends and still thinking it's a game.
 it's playing with a balloon from meghan's shower and being terrified of it. it's getting some new clothes because he had outgrown all of his- and even bought us a nice winter jacket for carson. it's landon somehow turning on my caps lock, which has been broken for a year- and me not knowing how to turn it off.
 it's looking so adorable as he stuffs his little cheeks full of food- then spitting them out for something else. it's getting some weird directions from siri when i said "find a dry cleaners". it's playing with grandma's ipad at institute and somehow surviving an hour and a half in one room. it's landon squirting himself on labor day.
 it's reading in his chair like a big boy. it's getting milk for the first time in his sippy cup and hoping the switch from bottles will be an easy one. it's playing with our sponges in the bath and looking so handsome. it's playing in the park by ourselves because all our friends were sick/busy.
 it's watching daddy, steven and grandpa demolish our side wall to prepare for the bobcat & dumpster we're renting to clear out our backyard- and hopefully get a patio next summer. and it's dining outside while we watch the men in motion- because i cannot keep this kid indoors. he ALWAYS wants to be outside.

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Kari said...

He's getting so big and SO cute! Oh little boys, they just are the sweetest bundles of trouble you'll ever get :)

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