Sunday, September 16, 2012

happy birthday sailor

this is a gift from my brother one christmas- his wife got her aunt to get it from justin's mom. he signed it thinking it was for a family friend- because who doesn't want an autographed picture of this stud? seriously- so handsome. 

here we are at my hs bf's birthday party- i was wearing my bbc shirt [big boob club]. isn't he just smoldering sexiness?
i miss that hair. oh so much.
 my sailor is now a quarter of a century- and for 3 blissful months, we are the same age [he likes to bring up how he married an older woman often- an older woman of 10 months]. as many of you know, i've loved this man for over 12 years. it's weird to think how i loved him when we were younger [7th grade- i have an 'i heart justin harrison' page in my diary. complete with a drawing of an eye and a heart], how it was in high school and we were best friends [i have many 'i hate justin' pages in my diary. even formed a club with my bf at that time that was an 'i hate justin' club because he wouldn't love me back], when we first got married [the transformation of the lustful love to a deeper 'i've seen you pee and smelled your farts' kind of love married people get] and now, the love i have for him because he's the father of my child- it's amazing. he's not who i fell in love with- we've evolved together to become someone better.

horrible pic of landon but isn't my sailor still oozing with that sexiness? back off shannon.
 i love justin because he is an amazing dad to landon- and an awesome provider for our family. he works so hard at work then comes home and slaves around the house. and even finds the time to rub my feet occasionally. he is quite the stud. one of my favorite things about him is how he can make me laugh. he is not much of a toucher [really- it's amazing i got pregnant. he does not like cuddles/hugs/kisses] but when he's in a fun mood, he will just tickle/tease/street-sweep me [no that's not something nasty we do in the sheets to get said pregnant- he will burrow his head on me and give me a rug burn with his hair- it's hilarious]. no one can get me to laugh like he does.

justin is always so good at taking care of me too. he is the leonard to my helen. he's so good at taking me out to where i want to go, do what i want to do. he's always putting my needs before his own. except when it comes to sharing the bed- he is not a good bed sharer.

i feel like i should tell some of his faults to really even this post out. justin is a snorer [oh wait- that's me]. he cares too much, loves too hard, and gives too often. and is extremely OCD about the way his t-shirts are folded, can't stand the smell of nail-polish [like that stops me] and was bitten by a suspected radioactive black widow in our backyard which now makes his bone hurt. literally his bone- even though i tell him bone has no feelings.

i love this man more then life itself and i'm so excited to see what the next million years brings us. because there's no way i'd even let this guy go.
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Anna Campbell said...

Happy Birthday Justin!! Mt boys will be so jealous to know that you've gotten bit by a spider! (Didn't know it was something people covet did yeah!) Hope Mel spoils you today!

Caitlin said...

This post is so sweet! Happy Birthday Justin! May your hats fly as high as your dreams.

KinderTeach said...

Happy Birthday Sailor. I hope you had fun, enjoyed the fruit snacks and "your night out". Love ya kid (and Mel, NEVER BWAAAAAAA)

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