Friday, September 14, 2012

life lately: my slurpee cup has it's own slurpee cup!

life lately is finding the ultimate slurpee straw- one that gives my cup it's own cup. it's missing our daddy while he works long days with the election coming up. it's falling asleep at the bottle and being the cutest little boy in the world. it's finding this gem at sam's club- $7 for 2 bottles!
 it's cuddling with our crib pals. it's making some delicious chicken roll ups. it's making landon's pinata from SCRATCH. SCRATCH PEOPLE!
 it's being surprised by my sailor with some flowers bc he had to work late that night. it's landon outgrowing his clothes and desperately needing some more. it's landon unscrewing the nightstand knobs. how in the world is he so smart?!
 it's playing with a new sensory toy- building sponges. it's eating floor food because food from the high chair is just not ok. it's finding my son climbing on anything and everything. it's going to the park at night because we're going stir-crazy.
 it's getting stuck on a cookie sheet we used to play with alphabet magnets and getting scared to death to step down- so he literally screamed for 5 minutes for me to get him down. from the cookie sheet. it's learning how to stand up and climb up [meaning up the long blue handle] of his car. it's my bff8 drawing a duck that looks nothing like a duck.

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Caitlin said...

Hahahaha! So glad my talented drawings always make your life lately blog. Someday my art will be the best art, of all the art. You wait and see.

Kari said...

So Landon screaming on the cookie sheet is hilarious! Hahaha, so funny. And the flowers are so sweet!

Question: How do you get your collages with a rounded shape like that? What program do you use? I love how it looks and want to give it a try too, if you don't mind.

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