Wednesday, September 12, 2012

weightloss wednesday: my favorite dvds

i am a huge fan of workout dvds. HUGE! seeing as how i'm so poor and have no babysitters during workout times, i use dvds religiously. back in the day i used mostly yoga and pilates one- and since i've taken my fair share of both of those classes, i despise them. i love the moves but can't sit through a movie anymore. i like the ones that get me moving now- honestly it's more of a workout. plus most of these dvds incorporate strength/yoga/pilates moves into it. so this is not comprehensive but just some of my top favorites. and believe me, i've done a lot- thanks to my local library.

favorite workout system - p90x
when justin wanted to buy this, i was quite skeptical. i've seen those infomercials and they've got nothing on the baby bullet [haven't seen the baby bullet infomercial? it's ah-ma-zing. no joke- watch the entire thing and thank me later]. plus it was an investment at $100. now i've never done the system- i use it for the workouts and believe me, they are killer! but they're doable- and make you feel like a rockstar for completing one.

favorite pregnancy dvds - summer sander's prenatal workout & 10 minute solutions: prenatal pilates
i know when you're pregnant you are not trying to lose weight, just keep tones & healthy- so these are definitely not extreme. i bought these blind on amazon, having only read their review and i wasn't disappointed. i love how summer's is broke up by trimesters. her workout is defiantly my favorite- the 10 minute solutions is kinda hilarious but great as well. i think next pregnancy i'll invest in lindsay brin's pregnancy boot camp. speaking of which...

favorite post-pregnancy dvd-lindsay brin's moms in fitness
i didn't use this dvd until i was wayyy past the post-natal phase but it still keeps me sweating! yes, it's quite cheesy but you can add sections to make it longer. she is so freakishly jumpy and dancer-y it makes me sick but motivates me to shut that stupid skinny girl up. plus there's a girl in there who moves like stone so that's hilarious.

favorite 30 day program- jillian michael's 30 day shred
jillian michaels is a horrible horrible lady. and she's so mean- i'm much more partial to bob. but she gets the job done. i like the idea of a '30 day' or '60 day' series to kind of get you jump started. they're only 20 minute segments but believe me, you'll be begging for them to be over.

favorite quick workout- 10 minute solutions series
these are not too challenging but can help you switch things up on your off-days. i like how they are several different variations [yoga, pilates, toning, belly blast, carb blaster, etc] so you're bound to find one you like. but the dancing one is the worst- way too complicated for uncoordinated people like me.
favorite workout of all time - 
richard simmon's sweating to the oldies
seriously- i love him. he is my idol. i remember i hated "working out" [as opposed to playing sports] but one gym class session that forced us all to dance to his dvd [well at that time, it was a vhs] and i was a changed woman. love love love him. makes working out fun. granted, you're not gonna get ripped like tony horton but you'll have lots of fun!
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Kari said...

I love this post! I too religiously check out work-out DVD's from the library and now I have some new ones to reserve and try out. I'm skeptical of the Richard Simmons one because he kind of freaks me out...but I guess I should give it a go :)

I especially like the advice for the pregnancy ones because I didn't even know they had something like that and I probably would have really liked them. Now I'll store that away for next time :)

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