Monday, September 10, 2012

sensory boxes aka what can i stuff in my mouth safely?

i am becoming quite the master of the sensory boxes if i say so myself. you might remember landon talking about his first box over here- these are two new ones i've incorporated into our magical closet [our entry closet- everything he gets sassy or i need a few minutes alone (and by minutes, i mean a mere  minutes. nothing captures his attention longer then that)- every time i grab something from there- toys, puzzles, boxes, etc- i sing a song and he KNOWS it's fun time!]. this one i just thought of myself [i'm a genius that way]. found some pom-poms and small animals at the dollar store. and i lacked another tupperware so i used an old wipey box. that way he can pushed the animals and pom-poms through the hole then empty them out. so far he hasn't quite gotten it. but he doesn't eat them so i consider this a win.
 the other i did see somewhere on pinterest. basically it's a water table. i froze ice cubes and colored them the night before [tip: mix the water and dye then pour in the trays. i did a drop of dye a cube and it was TOO concentrated]. combining that with his bath toys and some cups = a good time [but not as good as carley rae's- seriously love that song]. his girlfriends loved it too. next time i'll also just put a few ice cubes in at a time and do less water.
and the award for world's best mom goes to me.
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Caitlin said...

Totally going to steal these ideas and make Abby one.

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