Wednesday, August 8, 2012

weightloss wednesday: at home gym

now i haven't set foot in a a while. maybe since justin first got home and i had money for a gym?? so i am a huge fan of using your home as a gym. so here's some pointers and things i like to do when going out is not an option and you're too poor for $30/month at the y. so here's some tools to help you.

-use your body! this is why i love pilates- you use your body weight as the resistance you need to strengthen your body. so check out some dvds from your library.
-canned food! that's my first go-to when videos call for weights. no it's not 10lbs but it's better then nothing.
last week's accomplishments
-your baby! i love using landon and he thinks it's a hoot. he's crawling over me already and picking him up always makes him happy
-chairs! don't pick up chairs, you're not an avenger. do tricep dips, do inclined push ups, or do inclined side planks. just make sure it's sturdy.
-lung everywhere. just do it randomly and believe me, you'll feel it throughout the day.
-walls. do wall sits, do inclined push ups. also can use to help you stretch.

-running in place. place one foot in front of the other, squat down and pump your arms and swing your arms/hips like you're running. believe me, it works
-jumping jacks. a 6th grader's worst nightmare. your new best friend. you can do wacky jacks [bending side to side], front jacks [grabbing forward] or whatever! use your imagination.
-dance dance dance! i love my wii just dance- that's a great workout. and it's super fun. i love me some regaeton!
-get a jump rope. personally, i hate jumping up and down- blame it on my giant fun bags. but it's a great, easy and cheap way to get some kcals burned.
-stairs! run up those suckers- lunge up them. do that sideways [make sure you're holding onto that rail!].
-use your environment. go on walks to the park, to the store- anywhere. sunshine is good for the soul. it's amazing how little parks and rec centers are underutilized.

-i often do yoga poses and stretch while playing with landon. he doesn't know that i look funky. then i can find new stretches or moves that feel good.
-when i am getting ready, i often have a few minutes where i can prop my leg up on the counter and stretch. curling hair takes a while so i'll move and grove.

and if you CAN invest in some pieces of equipment- i suggest
shopping for shoes last week - landon was in heaven
-bands. cheap, easy to hide, and can help vary your level of intensity.
-dvds- and by invest, i mean borrow from your library. they will help you get ideas for exercises and will help keep you interested in working out. i get burned out very easily on the same dvds.
-SHOES! this is the biggest problem, in my opinion, why people hate running/exercising. bad shoes hurt your feet, legs, your whole body. shoes are expensive but super necessary if you're committed to change. my MIL told me tonight that she's wearing shoes her daughter had in high school. and her daughter is now in her second year. of GRAD SCHOOL. so people- buy yourself some new shoes- you'll thank me.

*some people like swiss balls, i don't. mainly because i've never owned one. they're nice but are hard to store. but def a fun, different way to exercise. my advice- find what exercises you love and invest in that. justin LOVES weight lifting- he even broke the school record in hs [i think it was 340lbs?? he beat the huge hawaiian kid who was 2x as tall and 4x as heavy]. luckily he has a lot of equipment growing up but we might invest in a bench press.

oh and my life would not be complete without yoga pants. i love them so much i wear them 24-7-365.

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Caitlin said...

I love these tips. Not only do they help, but they really motivate me to get my butt moving. Especially because for some reason, Wednesdays are my hardest day. But now instead of skipping my workout, I will do it.

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