Friday, August 10, 2012

life lately: zombie babies in hiking backpacks

life lately has been facetiming with our favorite aunt anna & her two rascals. she's making landon's bow tie and suspenders for his first birthday photo shoot.
it's been getting bottle wasted and reading our favorite stories with mommy. i have quite the literary genius. and by literary genius, i mean he loves to turn pages and look at pictures of animals while mommy makes their sounds.
awesome sign at old navy - i've spent way too much there lately
it's been playing a lot of draw something with anna & caitlin. my picture of my sisters & caitlin's idea of what a carrot looks like.... still don't get it. it's been making candy bouquets for meghan's baby shower & finding my dream car- aka the car that has a tramp stamp that says 'got slurpee?' and a license plate cover that says 'thanks heaven for 7-11'.
guess the bottom right? give up? it's carrot- hahaahaa oh caitlin, soo so bad
it's been trying on mema's glasses & being quite fabulous. it's being a zombie first thing in the morning while watching our baby einstein. it's been eating quite a bit of bananas & watermelons. and having the poops to show for it.
it's been posing while he's sleeping. it's been lots of playdates with our wonderful mema. it's my fabulous new curtains and sleeping best on mommy. and her loving every second.
it's been sneaking into the fridge crisper to sneak some broccoli [raw]. it's playing with our hockey stick grandpa got us and landon's new toolset. it's been trying out hiking backpacks with my mommy.

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Hahahah! Draw something didn't have orange and green for my carrot and it went downhill from there...

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