Monday, August 13, 2012

trampire- i want to claw your eyes out


now i'm not much one for tv. or celebrities. or twilight. but there's just something i cannot ignore. how in the world could kristen no smile stewart cheat on mr sparkles robert pattINson [not pattERson]? does she really think she can do better? with those teeth? i'm really torn up about their breakup. just keeps giving me flashbacks to the brangelina debacle- i still regret burning my 'mr & mrs smith' dvd but some things you have to do for yo sistas, ya know? and jenny is my sista.

i think this video pretty much explains my feelings.

that trampire. really. i think her public apology made it worse. and the fact that he's married- with kids. thank goodness there's other people as crazy as me who are. i'm afraid i may have contributed in some way to the affair, having paid theatre priced tickets to see 'snow white & the huntsman'. so rob, i'm sorry. and i'm not the only ones who feel this way. read kelly kapore's reaction here- along with ryan's helpful tips for future cheaters.

honestly, this is just making me lose my faith in all celebrity unions. tomkat, bennifer, tay-squared, robsten-  i don't think i could live in a world where people like kimye can't make it.

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