Tuesday, August 7, 2012

reader's request: my little peanut

*did you realize these reader's requests are turning into birthday shout-outs? i feel like a radio dj-- 
someone please request something other then your living eugoogaly
so fabulous
this reader's request comes not from the birthday boy but from my favorite sister & my competitive nature that keeps me the favorite aunt [anna, you can try but you shall not succeed]. today is the birthday of one of my most loyal readers- my favorite peanut. now by reader, i mean viewer. because i'm pretty sure he just looks at the pictures, laughs at the silly things landon does and hopes there's a picture of him. well he's in for a big treat, bc here's a buttload of pictures of him.
he ASKED to be walked around like a dog
he loved this- until we got the camera

at his preschool graduation
again, he ASKED to do this

his birthday last year? or the year before?
my bridal shower

peanut is a whopping 9 years old today. so weird, i distinctly remember the day he was born. he spent a lot of time at my mom's house growing up so to me, peanut always felt more like the little brother i never wanted. i babysat him, i played with him, i changed him, i tortured him, i took pictures of the embarrassing things he did to show his future girlfriends. oh, and i drilled into him, from day one- that i was his favorite aunt. and let me tell you folks, it's worked like a charm. together we love to go on slurpee runs [and by slurpee runs, i mean i get a slurpee and he gets a treat] or he, most recently, has loved to torture me [thanks josh].
on one of our many, many roadtrips together
in utah - i think my freshman year of college

peanut [oh, his real name is taylor] is honestly one of the sweetest, most kind hearted little boys i've ever met. and he's growing up way too fast. and although his father is intent on making him a little devil child [by threatening to kill my cat or fish, by feeding landon tampons (in my defense, he FOUND the tampons. and i just waited to take a picture before i took them away from him), or getting in food fights with me], i know he'll always be my little peanut.
caught- pink handed
*he LOVES landon- just loves*
who better not pee in my toilet or ELSE.
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KinderTeach said...

I love my little, who isn't so little, Bubba! I wish he lived closer so we could have more fun together.

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