Sunday, August 5, 2012

hikin with the harrisons

alliteration is my best friend [weight loss wednesdays? smitten kitten?]. justin & i with our new health kick have decided to hike more. we're shooting for every saturday morning...we'll see...either way, super fun! after craig's list stalking and checking our rei, we decided to borrow a friends to try out for the first time. then i went to this fabulous and gigantic consignment fair with meghan and got ourselves a fancy one!
holly & nate decided to come along- she loves to hike and i love to as well- just never get around tobdoing. vegas weather isn't really conducive to outdoor activities in the summertime. we were determined so headed up to mount charleston for an easy hike- little falls. and it was short enough but i wouldn't label it easy- super steep for the first bit. thankfully, the boys carried the chicklens [thankfully].  honestly, it was too short for me. by the time we hit the top, i was ready for it to begin. we wanted to go on another short one but landon started getting sassy.

in all, a great trip.
and he didn't poop his pants! ya!
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KinderTeach said...

Is that your mothers truck? So tellin on you. :)

Caitlin said...

So fun! I loved that hike we went on that one time in Vegas. Sam liked it a lot too...which is saying a lot. He is really picky about his hikes.

PS: That is a SUPER nice hiking backpack. I love the shade cover.

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