Saturday, August 18, 2012

tutorial: fabric onsies for baby shower

one of my best friends is having a baby!! in another month [actually, the same exact due date as landon... so kind of a big dealio] and i get to throw her shower on saturday. in preparation, i set up a station to do fabric [& paint- but that's a horse of a different color] onsies.

now i love making onsies for showers but they can
a- be expensive
b- be confusing
c- be hidiously ugly [like mine were- except for mabye 3 of them]
d- rub against your baby and chaff their little skin

i've been pinstalking for a while now to find the easiest way to do these and i think i found it! and might i add, on the cheap side. to start off, hunt down some onsies. i found some at walmart clearanced for $1.50/onsie [normally about $8-12 for a 4 pack] but REALLY scored at target's clearance- package of 4 for $3.99... i think. maybe cheaper, can't remember]. so keep your eyes peeled and start early and you're bound to find some good deals. the dollar store does carry onsies but they're pretty thin and shabby- but that's always an option too. once in hand, wash said onsies so prevent shrinking in the future.

like i said, you could do painted onsies with fabric paint [found some on clearance at joanns- and used coupons. so i got one color for about $1.50]. for that, you just find you just need some fabric paint, sponges, and inspiration pages [find mine here that i printed off and planning on having at the party. to prevent said ugly onsies. i highly encourage you to print out or buy cute stencils for people to follow too]

so back to the fabric onsies- i bought some steam & seam at joanns today [with a coupon] for $3 each for 5 sheets, which should be plenty for how many i'm doing [since the decals are small]. i also purchased a while ago [with a coupon] at joanns a fabric bundle [$8 after coupon] and individual squares at walmart [$1.50]. *whenever you go to joanns, michaels or hobby lobby make sure you bring not only their coupons but their competitors too! they will accept multiple coupons per transaction*

now the actual tutorial...

1- find the silhouette you want to use. here are some i found online for free. i also downloaded from the animal font and printed some cute animals out in large print.
2- cut it out and trace it on the steam a seam- on the tacky side- there's one side that peels easier then the rest- the opposite of that one.
3- cut THAT out and stick on the wrong side of your fabric.
4- cut THAT out. then peel off THAT sticker. for mine, i found that i needed to press hard on the sticker to make sure the sticky stuff transferred.
5- iron on one piece at a time [if layering].

hopefully it will be easy for everyone to follow at the party. afterwards, i'm going to sew alongside the edges of the decals to make sure they stay in place.

here you can find my printout instructions, inspiration 1, inspiration 2, inspiration 3, inspiration 4, template 1, template 2, template 3, template 4, and template 5. [inspirational sheets i left out for the party goers to get ideas and the templates are the stencils i used]      

easy peasy! and oh so adorable, if i might add.
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