Monday, August 20, 2012

tuacahn: the theatre, not the bird

utah people, someone please explain to me the appeal of st george. it seems like everyone in utah [and by utah, i mean northern utah] LOVES st george. everyone seems to go there for vacations. i can't say anything, vegas people have an unhealthy obsession with san diego. still though....quite the mystery to me.
anyways so since half of my family is from up north, we decided to plan our annual girl trip [and by annual i mean this is prob the 2nd time it's happened. but we're hoping for more consistent results next year] at tuacahn in st george because we are avid theatre lovers and hairspray was playing. being able to go this year was not easy. mainly because landon's primary babysitter [mema] had a medical apt she couldn't change and justin's work schedule is not consistent at all but luckily we made it happen. [side rant: why do fun things always seem to happen at the same time? my life is so lamesville then all of a sudden i have EVERYTHING on aug 7th. not only is it my favorite peanut's birthday, it's also the first rs party- a swimming party!- in a long time and my cousin's baby shower].

oh and the biggest obstacle was my crazy momness. seriously i was hyperventilating leaving my baby for a night. the longest we've been apart has been 4, maybe 5 hours when we go to the temple? a whole night seemed just impossible. usually if i'm gone when he goes to bed, at least he sees me when he first wakes up. i have impossible mom guilt over leaving him. but don't worry, it don't stop me from leaving!

tuesday i left the vegas heat and headed to st geezy for the night. after a delicious and guilt-riden olive garden, emily, bubs & i went for a quick dip before the play at our fancy schamncy marriott suite. seriously folks, it was nice. the drive to tuacahn was so nice and so beautiful. i'm not much for rocks being pretty but they were. the play was sooo amazing and so well down. granted, it has nothing on the movie because the movie is pretty phenomenal- no one can beat zac efron people. no one. i esp loved tracy's parents- they did about a 10 min ad lib portion that was hilarious during 'you're timeless to me'. awkwardly funny. the people behind us made the experience more enjoyable as well- don't you just love friendly utah people? the tue showing was not packed full which was nice, esp when it came time to leave.

in the morning we had a delicious, even more guilty breakfast at the place that hops [chocolate chip pancakes are basically breakfast brownies, esp with a side of bacon]. after that it was a quick trip home, with 2 passes through the gorge because my favorite neice forgot her backpack in my car. it was lots of fun but way too short. next year we're gonna shoot for a 2 day trip.

oh- and how did i do without landon? well--- justin didn't send me ANY pictures. at ALL. i did facetime him once before the play. he missed me terribly and threw plenty of fits for justin. i was all teary leaving and coming home- terrified i was going to die tragically and landon would be mommyless. or worse, have a step mother.

i know my fairy tales, that's not the way to go.
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KinderTeach said...

We are planning a two day trip for next year. Whether you can leave Landon for two days is totally your decision.

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