Friday, July 13, 2012

may the 4th be with you

you know how when you're a little kid, you fix your mind on something like going on a vacation or going to an amusement park and you can't possibly think of anything else. it finally comes and it's a sheer and utter let down?
that's my fourth. vegas, oh how you do me wrong. we have blistering hot heat, all the time, and we deal with it for when we really want to enjoy it. 4th of the july is supposed to be that day- and yet it wasn't. it RAINED. not enough to enjoy it, just sprinkles and overcast and horrible chilliness that doesn't make you want to jump in a cold pool. 
dr. joe - aka our state rep - aka justin's old boss

mr. 215
watching airplanes- he was so amazed

boulder's mascot - a fish - bc it's near the dam 

blast. we did enjoy some aspects of the day. mainly, the parade in boulder city with my sailor & little boy. justin works in politics and one of his candidates was walking because it's her district. missy is the daughter of mr. bruce woodbury- aka mr. 215. yeah, he's kind of a big deal. so she's kind of a big deal. honestly, we just walked down main street with everyone, doing nothing. i always wondered who the creepy people in parades were who weren't on floats and didn't hand out candy. now i know- they're me. 
after dying in the heat of the morning, we got our slurps on and went to hang with justin's dad. we were supposed to go swimming at his grandma's so we just ate and ate and landon dog piled on his grandpa. he sure loves his puppies. 

wearing his socks in honor of his gf abby
that night we threw a party at justin's moms (a pool party- scoff) with loads of our friends. nothing, i repeat nothing, is better then a bbq hot dog. we ate and talked then decided to jump in the cold water in the cold weather. landon partied hard and bathed at his mema's bathtub, which he loved. followed by a sleeping baby and some awesome illegal fireworks. 

i guess it was an ok fourth of july. the real downer was when the dogs jumped on the table and ate all the remaining dogs. hot dogs......yum.

so my parting words with you- july may the fourth be with you. 
a score from my party shopping - his halloween costume. 

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Anna Campbell said...

Think I could talk you into halloweening it with us. Nick has a yoda costume and Noah can be luke!!!

Caitlin said...

Your 4th sounds amazing! Totally green about the parade.

And Landon looks way adorable as a jedi.

Caitlin said...

I mean Darth Vader?

My nerdy-ness ends when it comes to Star Wars.

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