Saturday, July 14, 2012

babysitting karma: why i can never ever ever leave my baby ever again. ever.

babysitting for a mormon girl is like communion for catholics- or hebrew school for my jew friends- you have to do it. sometimes you'll hate it but it's a rite of passage that almost everyone does. how else do you make money? when you're old enough to be a teenager but too young to date, that's just what you do to get out of your house.

me, i hated babysitting. i never really liked babies. i was the baby of the family- everyone was supposed to take care of me. so i hardly did it and i was not that good at it. i babysat mostly for one family that was rich who paid well and had the best snacks [hostess & chips] and tv [cable! i still remember the first time i heard "i know my means you plus me equals us...". so no, i was not a good babysitter. but i knew it.

last night was my first time leaving landon with a non-family, non-friend babysitter. usually i don't do this because:

a) hello! we're poor! and more importantly, cheap
b) mema is so awesome that we don't have to
c) i have attachment issues [seriously, i do. i leave him for 20 min to run to the store and i hug, kiss, cry, kiss, and strangle poor little landon before i leave--only to run in---literally run in--grab him, kiss him and promise to never, ever, ever leave him again].

well mema had previous plans and we were invited to a game night [and i can't say no to a good game night--because i'm old and married and boring- that's just what our folks do. i would say like pre-teens go to the mall but alas, last night i was informed that's not what young people do these days. still don't know what they do...] so i poached the widely known and loved baby whisperer in our ward. won't go into much detail about this sweet girl [you never know who reads my blog- actually, i do. thank you my five fans....way to keep believing one day i'll actually write something that's not self-centered or crotchety. soo....keep the faith bc it's not happening today].

anyways she comes over, i gave him the dealio of landon, wrote down specific instructions in case she forgot and told her to make herself comfortable. looking back i did kinda go fast [that's why i wrote it down] but only bc i hated hated HATED moms who went into every little detail for-ev-ver and i was afraid of doing one little thing not right. landon has not taken an afternoon nap and was kinda grouchy so i knew he'd prob go to bed early. we left and i only checked my phone 5x at the party. didn't even call in to check- that's pretty good for me!

well coming home, i tried not to rush in there right away [maybe i should have mentioned i'm pretty bad with confrontation....ok there it is] and be the cool mom. even when we came home to find landon had gone to bed 30 min after we left [an hour before bedtime], in clothes he's worn all day, with a diaper he'd been wearing since 4pm, without a bottle [having last ate a little at 5pm], with some strange ice cream in our trash [that someone obviously brought over].

so no.....was not happy. still paid her really well because of the said confrontation issues.

i know finding a good babysitting is hard these days and we've been spoiled rotten with having such a great mema who watches him so much for free and so well but come on! i'm pretty sure i am never, ever, ever, ever leaving my angel baby with someone other then family for a long long time. all last night i just sat up worrying that he was starving to death [have you seen his cute little pot-belly? highly doubt it. but still!]. i almost woke him up to feed/change him. almost- because justin wouldn't let me.
how can you not love this face??!
now i know, more then ever, why parents hardly go out. my poor baby- i'm still obsessing that he might have some post-traumatic stress lingering from an empty tummy-no jammies-stinky diaper all night..... like i said, i have issues.
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Kari said...

Well that's a sad story about the babysitter. She sounds pretty terrible if she can't even change him or feed him. Luckily, (despite all the panic attacks I've personally had about it) the babies seem to be sturdier and manage not so great nights better than expected. And if not...they'll never remember :) That's what I tell myself to keep sane!

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