Wednesday, July 11, 2012

life lately: trash pickers, naked bums, & pink straws

life lately: is landon crawling to the door, waiting for daddy to come home. it's mimi's fancy 'dinner' for landon. it's landon being highly confused about what the mariachi band is doing. 

 it's my fabulous half cheese-half bbq chicken pizza with the delicious crust recipe i found here. it's taking the just dance sweat challenge and failing [i did try the hardest level! and did it 6/7 days but couldn't do 1400/week- i did do 1100!]. it's landon being highly entertained by my dancing. and it's practicing dancing and hip-wiggling in the mirror while i do my hair.

 it's naked little boys who run away from their mothers when the try to diaper them. it's finding scores like home drug tests at the dollar store while i go shopping for landon's puppy party. it's realizing that my little boy is almost one. it's getting canes & zoning out with landon [while daddy golfs] while watching will and grace.

 it's going on long walks to calm a sassy guy. it's learning to run again so the sailor & i can do a 5k in september. it's constantly telling landon to stop getting in the trash can. it's hanging out with holly & charlotte 2x a week. it's swimming at mema's house and playing with the puppies. it's making delicious chocolate zucchini bread & some apple pie deliciousness from 'our best bites' cookbook for keith's going away party.

 and it's finding out that 7-11 is now, once again, offering long pink straws. just in time for 7-11 day. happy slurping people.

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Caitlin said...

I just wanna thank you for writing this for me. Letting me be a part of your life today. 'Cause you got a good life! YOu got a good life. A good life. (prison mike)

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