Friday, May 11, 2012

reader's request: my arch nemesis

here's another reader's request- my sister anna requested i give a eugoogley to people on their birthday. so basically she was just wanted me to talk about her. be careful for what you wish for....

today is my arch nemesis' bday- so granted, not my biggest party day of the year. anna is my older sister by 3ish years. she has made it her life's mission to bug me all my life- and it all started with the fake flowers.... 
simpler times- when we often ran around naked. called "the 3 little girls"- all 18 months apart
*to preface this, i absolutely adored anna growing up. i wanted nothing more then to be exactly like her. whether it was when she would bring home dudes and make out with them on the couch or work at an ice cream shop. she was the coolest as far as i was concerned. but if anyone ever asked me, i'd deny-deny-deny
my four partners in crime
the story of the fake flowers
my granddad and grandma once came into town when we were little and brought with them a truck load of junk- for who knows what reason. well in that truck was a bunch of fake flowers- which anna proceeded to take and play with in our bathtub. well who got blamed? and spanked? me! she just let me take the blame- or she blamed me and i said i did it [i was that nice of a sister]. either way, my butt has never fully recovered from that belt.
christmas morning - prob dancing to my mk & ashley cassette
the story of the gold coins
was it gold coins? or the asparagus? either way, my dad had a penchant for leaving wallets or money out because his kids were kleptos, esp when it came to money [it blew my mind when i would see justin leave money out when he was living at home- i couldn't believe people could leave money on their nightstand and not have it be stolen! still the reason why i don't carry cash- ever]. well some gold coins disappeared and anna and i were banished to my dad's closet to think it out [or was it the bathtub? i have a terrible memory] and anna came up with this brilliant idea to have us BOTH confess so our punishments would be lessened. so i confessed first. and no one else followed me. and i was spanked.
i'm in the blue, she's in the purple. notice the turkey on the bottom right

the story of the night we slept in a chicken coop
we moved into our house when i was 6 - and our house was a huge farm [to vegas standards]. while my dad was creating our chicken coop, he told us that we weren't allowed to go play in the coop once he put the concrete down [a 6" slab, mind you]. anna and i didn't listen so we were banished to sleep in the coop that night. luckily he threw over 2 sleeping bags. and one pillow. so we slept with the chickens. and anna slept with a chicken in her bag- no joke. she was a weirdo [she even had a friend once who kissed horse poo...not that that's relevant but it goes to show her criteria for friendship].
justin's farewell- as you can see, she was still annoying me
the story of the can opener
as you can tell by now, we never really got along growing up. one of the many times we fought, it would get violent [her- not me. i would just cry]. one time we were fighting in the kitchen over who knows what, all while i was making myself a tuna fish sandwich. and she threw a can opener at my head. and missed.
backing it up - on one of our sister trips to ca- she was pregnant at the time
 the story of the mystery car thief
my parents once bought my oldest sis a honda- a nice BRAND NEW honda civic- it was awesome. well the said sister was working nights at the time, so she slept during the day. well anna, being about 15ish, would often steal the honda and take joy rides down to mcdonalds [the closest business to us at the time. it was really a big dealio]. she did this quite often until my sister wised up and started tracking the odometer. she didn't get spanked but she should have. what would you expect from someone who would leave early to school and put makeup on at the bus stop?
her quinceanera
all laughing aside, anna has become such a beautiful and amazing woman. she not only mothers two of the most rowdy and hilarious superhero boys but also works tirelessly for her family, while finding time to create awesome crafts. she does so much for others and asks little in return. i'm proud to be her little sister...sometimes. granted, the boy on the couch wasn't her finest moment. she's one of the 5 people [justin, justin's house, mom, kayla, and my mom's old work #] i know their #s by heart [not bc i call her often....i really don't know why] so she must be a big dealio.

when i was little [maybe 1st or 2nd grade, i brought a beloved cat poster with me to school for show and tell. on the way home from the bus, some older kid took it away and was crinkling it. by big sister went up to him and laid the law down, putting the fear of god into that bully.

that's my big sis.
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Anna Campbell said...

Setting the record straight!
1. Gold Coins... you took. I confessed first (or so you thought)told dad you did it and then waited for you to come out. Sneaky? Yes, but I was tired of sitting in a closet!
2. Asparagus. Devin helped get you to confess to your crime of sitting on them too. PS blaming the dog is never a good idea.
3. Chix Coop. Dad tricked us (sneaky jerk) we had to hop up the gate while he poured the concrete and THEN he realized he couldn't open the gate till it set. Showed us the importance of thinking something through. RIP Geenie s/he was an awesome hen/rooster
4. Tracy kissed the poop on a dare, you never turn down a dare.

I love you and will always put the fear of God into ANYONE who messes with my family. Only I am allowed to. Love you Mel!

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