Saturday, May 12, 2012

life lately: tp, peacocks, and pink beds

this is what last week looked like for us. aunt lynsey came from, one year of optometry school in the bag. which is awesome bc a goose stole landon's glasses while at the park [false- but they did try to steal his food]. last week i slept a lot in our rocker with landon bc he really loves to wake up at 4am and sleep in my arms [which just goes to show how high of self-esteem i have to post that pic]. oh, and we were stalked by a peacock.
last week i got a surprise package in the mail: toilet paper. and not from my family members who know me so well but from this company i take surveys for in my spare time. just in time too, my costco ultra-pack is almost gone. last week landon began to get in the habit of using me a step stool, especially when watching his programs. it was going to the temple for my cousin's endowment, complete with a picnic in the car because we couldn't find the mythical park. last week my baby kept trying to stand up in the bathtub. or sneak his cup and drink all the water in his tub.

 last week was cinco de mayo - and a ward function at the irelander's new spanish ward. it was learning how to drink through a straw [anyway to get water]. it was sleeping in an unborn little girls pink crib.

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Anna Campbell said...

I can hardly wait to see my little man!!!!! PS Can I get you to update my blog.... I can't ever seem to do it. Seriously, how do you always get such fun posts out that are about nothing?

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

He looks adorable in the bath!

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