Friday, May 11, 2012

whitney's baby shower: pink zebra princess

got the invitations off etsy here
cinco de mayo i threw my friend whitney a baby shower for her little girl. whitney wanted something hot pink and girly so we went with a zebra, princess theme. i had so much fun working on this [bc believe me, i worked on it for WEEKS- whenever landon took his 15 min naps i had a glue gun in hand]. i totally forgot to take pictures of the actual party on my camera but believe me, people were there and much fun was had by all. i'll try to explain all the pictures.

the door into her apt - her baby's name is "k" something but is keeping tight lipped

i saw this idea on pinterest - it was cool but i don't think i'd do it again. they're just tablecloths

utensil bar - strawberry drink mix found here [SOOO delish] - the baby food tasting game

seriously- look at this recipe. it was amazing, i'm dreaming about it

food table - she requested baby bottles for drinks

cupcakes made with this variation- i didn't see a difference except they puffed up TONS in the oven

my mom made this delicious pasta salad - sorry no recipe

my famous chicken salad sandwiches - i should post it, it's that fabulous

zebra cookies found here - they didn't turn out pretty. or a good color but cool idea.

diaper cake

i covered the water bottles and baby bottles with duct tape [sooo much easier then labels]

"princess k is coming"

two more games - guess her birth date and guess her birth weight

homemade princess crowns found here

goodie bags - full of homemade chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles
it was tons of fun! we played a couple games- how well do you know pregnant whitney, guess the baby food, guess the dirty diaper [melted chocolate candy bars], guess the birth date and guess the birth weight.

i am SO glad it's over but i've got 2 more ahead of me- so i best stop blogging and get to it.
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Kari said...

Wow! You really did go all out! I'm impressed with your craftiness. I would have a hard time creating something that smashing :)

Anna Campbell said...

You did amazing!!! Loving all if it.

Valerie Anderson said...

Wow! Amazing baby shower party! I love all the decors and favors!

All the best!
~ Val @ Baby Shower Games

Anonymous said...

where did you get all the printable items?

curtis03 Lewis said...

Whitney's baby shower using the pink zebra princess is just so chic. The decorations are very precious. At one of the rental spaces for parties we (my cousin and I) also would be hosting a DIY party in collaboration for one of our good friends. The theme is not decided yet but I won’t mind using your idea.

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