Sunday, April 15, 2012

working long hours with dolly, 9-5

now that i am void of a job, it made me reminiscence of my working gal days [in both senses of the word]. i started working at a young age bc my parents so meanly so wisely knew i'd appreciate the value of a dollar if i had to work for it. and i guess i did....sorta. isn't is amazing how you think you're parents are so horrible and yet you find yourself parenting in the same way with your own chicklens? tragic.
here i am - doing a different kind of work
adorable, aren't i?

my first job was at my parent's chicken cutup plant [they sold poultry to casinos and the plant is where they pieced the chicken into thighs, wings, tenders, etc] and it was the WORST. and by the worst you're prob assuming, 'hey, she uses 'the worst' alot so i doubt it was that bad' but no holey moley it wasn't. imagine you're a 12 year old bratty spoiled princess dainty girl who doesn't like getting her hands dirty in a freezing ice box with sweaters, an apron, and rubber gloves on, surrounded by mexicans who can't speak english [and you're about 105% sure they're talking smack about you and your other spoiled sisters]. all for a whopping $5.25/hour. delightful right? thankfully i hid a lot in the bathroom/office and only had to work there two years [i think....or maybe i blocked those memories out].

my second job, which i consider my first real job, was at a home entertainment company where i answered phones and learned more of my office skills. the people were friendly enough- i lasted about 2 years. as i started college i worked for a ward friend's family's construction company and i just loved it. i was around burly, smelly, semi-alcoholic child-men all day and just loved my boss. i had so much fun there - it was hard when i left but it was to go off to college in cedar.

at school, i found my third job, albeit a brief one-day-er, as a curve's workout leader. seriously, i thought it'd be a great crossover with my degree. i interviewed, the lady loved me- and had me start the next day. at 4am. without any training. and no one else ever there to help me figure out what to do. so ya....that didn't work out [pun intended].

after that i found my fourth job as a custodian with my bff8 in the braithewaite building [remember these little tidbits of awesomeness? courtesy of my gal caitlin] where we pretended to work for an hour or so each morning at 5am then would sneak up on each other, fart in secluded areas, and hide from jj the supposed campus rapist. i'm not lying, i'm about 53% sure he tried to rape some girl - he missed worked the NEXT day AND came with a black eye.
me? work??

i graduated college and moved on to bigger and better. and by that i mean i found another [fifth job] boring office job at a recruiting agency. in all reality, i was really lucky to find anything in this economy. it was horrible and boring and they people hated mormons but it was also slow so i had time to start a blog [and the world thanks you].  they ended up totally screwing me over because i got pregnant [the nerve] but it was for the best.

in carson city i had another brief employment [sixth job] as a babysitter - for maybe 2 weeks - for a little baby girl. she was adorable but her parents were crazy. like super crazy. and she ended up giving me bronchitis [while pregnant] and i was sick for a month. so that wasn't my favorite job.

when we moved back to vegas i got a job in a medical office [seventh job] with my father in law's girlfriend and it was fabulous. it was small and we had so much fun. it was great to be challenged with something new and they were great friends. it was sad to leave but working and having a baby was just too hard.

look proof - her baby is better behaved then mine
now i am a stay at home mom and jobless-- or am i? you've heard that recent scuttle on tv about how ann romney didn't work outside the home so she "never worked a day in her life". i've worked some days in my life- many in fact. and mother is the 2nd hardest thing i've done. the first was obviously cutting up chicken in freezing temperatures [HOW could you never stay dry?! NEVER?!]. being a mom is not for the weak hearted. if i knew how much work it would be, how much things would change- or even if i thought for a second about it, we might have waiter longer. but that's not what we were supposed to do.

my little but older sister is finally adopting a little boy on monday and i couldn't be happier for her. she's already had him since the day he was born [a few days before landon]- so technically we've been moms the same amount of time and yet she's leagues ahead of me. she was born to be a mom, not a doctor or a lawyer and heaven knows, not a beautician. not many people can see the value of having a woman stay at home with her children. it's not easy [financially, intellectually, physically] but it's a choice some women make. just like the choice women make to work. and some women don't get a choice at all and have to do one or the other. i'm just glad i have a choice. and that my husband realizes i'm not employed with the hardest job i've ever had [which is so true- my other jobs really have been pie].

and the boss isn't too bad to look at either.
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Anna Campbell said...

Maybe her baby is too scared to do anything for fear that his Dad might eat his ears. I know my kids run because they know Jared really will eat them....scary thing is they run to Josh. Never said my kids were smart.

Caitlin said...

Working custodial was the best job and the worst job all in one. I miss hiding to scare each other and finding JJ crouched in the stairwell, fart clouds all around him or in the dark library, fart clouds all around him.

But being a mom is totally cooler.

Kari said...

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest thing I've ever done, but the most rewarding also.

Also, My parents had me out delivering newspaper by time I was eight years old at 4 am in the morning. It was the worst. And now, like you, I realize it was the best and wish I could send my kids out to learn some hard work as well!

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