Wednesday, December 21, 2011

unlv grad class of 2011

graduation was this last weekend and it was all sorts of hectic fun. and landon did exceptionally- well as good as an 11 week old baby can be. and justin did so well- he didn't trip or fall asleep or get drunk beforehand so he was ahead of the unlv grad curve.

so proud of him. afterwards we had a party at our pad-- and i got no pics of that. landon decided to throw his fits then [granted, he did so well at grad i gladly accepted it] so i missed most of the party. thankfully i've been able to console myself with the dq ice cream cake from it-- so double jeopardy.

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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

melissa u look beautiful!! and congrats to ur hubby for graduating that is very exciting! and of course ur little man is the most adorable little boy I've ever seen!! hope u all have a wonderful christmas!

Caitlin said...

Yay for Justin! And Landon looked like a handsome little man for it. I can't wait till Sam graduates!!

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