Wednesday, December 28, 2011

baby update: smiley little pooper

monthage: 3
with my fav aunt lynsey

landon's favorite things: his fingers still take the top spot. any second he can, he shoves them all up in his mouth. oftentimes so far i'm tempted to call guinness. he loves standing up and wiggling, sitting up in his bumbo, and looking at anything and everything. people are always trying to hold him inwards, facing them but he HATES it.

how he's pooping: now that i've started supplementing he has gotten pretty regular. earlier in the month we took him to the drs a couple times for the stupid PA to tell me to wait it out [then when i went in and saw my regular dr he said that she was wrong- kah! i knew it!]. before he was going a solid 10+ days but now he loves to poop through his clothes every day or so. in fact, i changed his outfit 3x today before 3pm- lucky me.

how he's sleeping: still not that well- i keep meaning to read 'baby wise' but i have no time- anyone want to give me the lowdown? we've got a schedule going and he goes down pretty well at 9pm and goes back to bed but still wakes up staring 2-3x a night. help anyone?
LOVE my fingers- if only they came in bbq or teriyaki
grilled honey bbq chicken and spicy steak fries
mama's mental state: i am still working part-time which is not a big deal at all but i really want to stay home with my little muffin. being at home if just awesome- except when we get bored but we go on walks and have been making fancy meals for daddy using our fancy new book "our best bites" from this blog- seriously everyone has recommended it and so far, i'm 2/2. oh and i finally got to go to the temple which was amazing...except when i couldn't fit in my temple dress [my bossums are still enlarged] which was depressing.

mom is so mean - i worked really hard for
that little bit of hair
look what i can do: turns out, month 2-3 is a big dealio. on christmas day, landon LAUGHED for the first time- just melted my heart. usually after we eat i prop him up so he's looking right at me on my lap and we  talk for a while, just mommy & landon time. well i'm always a hoot but this time he laughed! it was so sweet! i yelled at justin to come in [laughed for a second time] then shyed up around dad. then later justin got him to laugh then shyed up for the camera. sweestest thing ever.

he also rolled over for the first time too! he did it once then wouldn't do it again [thankfully in front of justin or else he never would have believed me] then after christmas he did it twice! he's always been super strong in his neck and back [thank the colic/gas for that] but he couldn't get past his arms. still haven't gotten it on camera but i promise you, i only lie about my weight and what i spend at target.

what i miss: i miss his smaller head- he has outgrown a couple outfits only bc they won't fit over him domepiece.

what i don't miss: landon was never a cuddler- he's always wanted to be out looking at people but lately i've noticed when he eats a big meal he will just curl right up on me- sweetest thing ever. so i'm not missing his non-cuddles. oh and i'm loving that he can now kick on the floor or sit in his bumbo for a few minutes by himself. before i had to be holding him 24-7. now it's more like 18-7, which believe me, is a huge difference.

waiting for santa - sadly he didn't come before 9pm [bedtime]
clockwise from top left: @ my first ornament exchange, hanging with gma teryl, christmas morning glow [notice i'm out of my xmas jammies--peed through those suckers in the night, and surprised that santa totally jipped me this year.
landon's first: CHRISTMAS! it was quite uneventful for him but fun for us. he got loads of ornaments, toys, and some pants [he pees through his pants almost everyday]. oh and books! santa only brought him a book and a college fund which is kinda lame but he didn't notice. i tried to recreate the cutest thing i saw on fb but it didn't work...i should really stop feeding him so he stays cute and small forever. oh and this is the only pic i got from the day...i know, fail mom.

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Jessica Stoneman said...

I recommend reading the cliff notes of Mommy Wise :)

Jessica Stoneman said...

Correction Baby Wise, I corrected it before the pursing of the lips.

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