Thursday, December 15, 2011

may your hats fly as high as your dreams

this saturday will mark a monumental ocassion- justin & i will no longer be college students - wowzers. in addition, we'll ditch our 'poor married couple' excuse and be considered legittly a job-wielding, married couple with a kid. when did that bizness happen? i feel like we're not old enough to be at this stage but hello, i'm a quarter of a century [that you know of] and close enough to that.

hs grad - 2005
i'm really going to miss this stage in our lives. i graduated in 2009 but it never felt like i left school bc justin still had two years left. now those two years have come and gone and now i'm feeling quite nostalgic, even though i hated enduring those two years. my hubsters already has a great full-time job he's be in since september which has been a HUGE blessing. and he's actually using his poli-sci degree which is almost unheard of these days [almost everyone i know never uses theirs...including myself].

what i'll miss about unlv
-free bball tickets for justin. now he think he needs season tickets and now that they are good again, they are bound to be expensive
-student discounts - thankfully unlv isn't like suu has doesn't put semester stickers on their ids
-the 'poor college student' excuse for when i rob my parent's pantry. now i'll just be that clepto daughter who always steals their toilet paper

what i won't miss
-night classes & days where i don't even see justin
-the long drives it takes for him
-the redonkulous papers
the future govna

justin graduating makes me miss my days at suu, which by the way, were the best. going away for school was the BEST decision i ever made. it's where i met my best friends and gained a better sense of myself

what i miss about suu
-bread & soup nights: hello $2 dinner!
-awesome concerts/events: i bet you've never seen glen campbell, smashmouth, or collin ray in concert.
-having friends literally, 10 feet away from you, at all times. i tried talking to justin through our air vents and he thought i was just freaky
-trying to convince my roommates that going on the old church tour is cool

what i don't miss
**one of the gems from cedar- gotta love those inbreds**
-being away from fam
-the only things to do in town were eating at wendys, shooting poor animals or visiting the ladybug nursery, which isn't really a ladybug nursery at all but just a normal nursery [i know, what a letdown]

i am just SO proud of justin- school has never been naturally easy for him as it is for me [read: i'm good at playing the stupid game with professors- he'd rather argue with them why their wrong] but he has just done amazing! he's had almost perfect a semesters post-mission, gone across the state for an internship, landed 2 jobs in his field, and met so many great people along the way- all while supporting his crazy wife and having the cutest baby in the whole world. thats why he is just the greatest.

may your hat fly as high as your dreams
as you can see, neither is happy about this pic but i love it. esp missi creeping in the back-hahaha

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Kari said...

Congrats! I wish my husband had a good job using degree!

Caitlin said...

Yay to both of you! You're such grown ups. And way to give Cedar the best shout out eva.

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