Wednesday, November 30, 2011

baby update: who needs to poop? not me

and now, what you've all been waiting for

monthage: 2

poundage: 10lb- what what! still not the chunker that we want but he's getting there- he's officially outgrown his first outfit, which was tragic bc it was my favorite one. dark blue really is his color...

how landon is sleeping: he's only waking up once during the night which is pretty nice but he's usually up for a while when he does. a HUGE improvement from waking up 3-4x. i've tried to get him on a routine...which is kinda working.

how he is pooping: he isn't - which has caused many to be all sorts of concerned but this is quite normal for breastfed babies. but still, i'm attacking his poor little bum with a thermometer to help ease the poor guy's suffering. and my suffering of his noxious fumes that emerge from that cute little behind [if it wasn't too inappropriate embarrassing for his future dates, i would take a pic of his cute little behind- because believe me, it's the cutest butt since justins...and that says a lot].
update: after 12 days he finally went after 2 doctors apt and one nurse's call and a lot of crazy, over-worried grandparents - nothing work except for gerber's apple-prune juice. ruined one of his favorite blankets, a cute outfit, and made us late for our ward xmas party. but i've never been more happy to see feces in my life.

lowlight of the month: landon's 2 month checkup- he had to get his shots and man, what a doozer. actually he did pretty well right up to them which was a nice change but then he got his shots and he was mmmmaaadddd. but then he pleasantly fell asleep- and was sleepy the rest of the night. only time will tell how he reacts in the morning. oh and i've started working part-time- so hard to not be with him all day.
zonked out from the tylenol & shots

highlight of the month: he is TALKING! okay....that might be a little premature but he is coo-ing and it's just the sweetest thing in the world. just makes my heart melt- it's seriously the cutest sound in the world.

oh did i mention he finally got his baby blessing? my bff8 kitty-cait came into town for the o-cassion so i got to meet her beautiful little babe. we waited until my whole fam could come down [except nate & his clan had to stay back in ut--which turned out to be a blessing in disguise] for tday so i got a buttload of zobrist-crazy for a while. the blessing was just amazing- we had to do it in the bishops office and landon only cried a little during the whole prayer. it was actually kind of a somber experience- we found out my gma died only a few minutes before we left for prayer so we were all a wreck that day.  but it was still a special day.

"wow- you'd think all of mom would taste
the same but this DEF does not taste like
how his constant screaming is doing: his colic is actually finally letting up- thank heavens because my friend told me sometimes colic can last MONTHS not WEEKS- he is getting more pleasant and having more time where he'll just sit and play- before he'd have a good 20 min after he ate then constantly crying/whimpering/holding/attention until the next feeding. now he will go about 30 min or so and will calm down quicker. or maybe we're just getting better at the whole parenting thing. tip: the sound of a hairdryer [or any appliance that is loud] is like a godsend.

the only upside to crying is a) i've grown immune so when it's time to furberize him, i will be on top of things and b) it's just plain adorable when he's screaming for so long and a huge booger-ball come to the tip of his nose then zoinks back in when he takes a break--just adorable.

how mommy is doing: have you read my most recent mel's meanderings? that pretty much sums it up. i am seriously worried that most of the time, i am severely scaring my child. when i let him cry while i cook dinner, forget to change his diaper all day [happen on tday-- so much going on i totally forgot. til he soaked through his clothes and got my pjs], or when i let him lay on the ground while i blog[....may or may not be happening even now]. i think most moms feel this but i am so scared i'm doing things wrong and i am somehow harming landon by making mistakes here and there. but as i mentioned, thats why the first one is super spoiler because you scar them.

mom! who the freak is this?!

thing we're both looking forward to: santa- seriously, it's gonna be the best. not that he'd know but we are getting super excited. we decided for xmas we're gonna start a college fund for him. justin and i were both super blessed to have parents that could help us out and we want to be able to do that for landon. starting small now will hopefully make it easier and a habit for the future. oh and i bought him the cutest book about how one wasn't right, two was nice, but three was where it was at- made me cry there in the clearance section at officemax.

what we're learning: how to sleep in a crib [he sleeps best in his car seat and HATES lying flat bc of his acid reflux so it'll be a long process] and how to not be held all the time. he basically considers this the best punishment in the world but mamas gotta pee sometimes

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Caitlin said...

Glad Landon finally pooped! That is a huge milestone marker. Also, how fun he already got to sit on Santa's lap!

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