Friday, October 14, 2011

baby update: 2 weeks

it's official- i am 'one of those' blogs- you know the kind that only write about their baby? the evidence was hard to miss the past couple months but i'm pretty sure it's legit now. it's not by choice mind you [except i do have the cutest baby in the entire world- just sayin] but from a lack of anything else going on in my life. now i get it mommy bloggers, and i apologize.

our favorite peanut really likes to play with us -
and we tolerate it quite well
so in these past two weeks of motherhood, i've become quite the expert mediocre mother, if i may say so myself. i can swaddle, but my child escapes from the blanket straight jacket like he's houdini. i can breastfeed, but only if i have my body pillow, blanket, and something-else-not-suitable-for-the-blogging-world-says-my-mother-but-i-really-thought-it'd-be-ok. and i've even figured out how to calm a crying infant at 2am. 

**sidenote: with the many, many long, long nights, i've really perfected the art of blogstalking, fbsing, and pintresting, which leads me to believe that others are not following my example like they should. people, keep updating your blogs, check in on fb, and pin something to your board because when you are stuck in a certain position for an hour in the twilight hours and only have the capacity to scroll- you really rely on people's vanity/boredom. so i thank you in advance.

without further ado- the main attraction

weekage: 2

poundage: 8lbs 7 oz- up 7oz! hazzah!

the high: we have lost our stump! thank goodness, justin is actually kinda terrified of it. he's always afraid to burp or hold landon certain ways in case he rubs up against it. the night it fell off i went to bed early, my mom watched landon, then justin put him to bed. when i woke up hours later it was gone- no one knows where/when it fell off. which leads me to believe it was twinkled in an eye.
really- it's called a 'circumstraint' 

the low: my poor little pigeon got his weiner wacked today- happy twoiversary right? he took it like a champ. i, on the other hand, got nauseous, cried, and am still having flashbacks. how could i not when he was strapped down hannibal lecter style?!

how he's sleeping: well we've had some horrible days and some awesome nights but slowly, we are beginning to figure each other out. for example, i've taught him the sound of my voice. and landon has taught me who's the boss [spoiler alert: it's not me and it's not tony danza]. he's sleeping for larger chunks of time but unfortunately, the only way i can get him to sleep at night [between the hours of midnight and 5am actually] is to put him in his bouncer, which stresses me to no end, thanks to meghan's horror story of child developing misshapen heads due to being in there for too long. but what works, works right?
sidenote: my bouncer/swing plays the music from the end of 'ocean's eleven'- how awesome is that? and how depressing is it that i don't know classic musics actual names but from movies?

how he's pooping: wowzers- i honestly did consider this. you never realize how interested one could be in feces until you have a child. 

what landon loves: my fingers, oh he loves those digits! we got an ultrasound video when he was about 19 weeks and he was sucking on his fingers; real cute right? not so much anymore because he's always scratching at that cute little face i worked so hard to make.

what landon hates: laying down to sleep. i get the little pumpkin tush all wrapped, rocked, and fed but the second i walk into our bedroom, he is wide-eyed and bushy tailed. it's like he knows...
quite the thinking - notice his football sockies.
helps masculinize the dress

how mommy is doing-
physically: i feel great- not taking the pain pills often so that's good but i've still got all my restrictions (can't bend, lift anything above 10lbs [so landon will  need to put a kibosh on the eating for a bit], drive) and feel the pain every once in a while. i'm sleep deprive after many nights after my child has turned devil child [anna- when did you switch your kid with mine???] and i look like the crypt keeper's mistress most days.

emotionally: i burst out in tears the normal expected amount of time in the shower like any sane mother.  but that whole guilt thing is no joke- i leave landon with my mom for an hour while i take a nap and i feel like the world's most neglected mother. which leads me to think- how in the world does ANYONE have a child and not live at home with their mother for their first month? i could NOT do it without her, esp since justin is home maybe an average of 3 hours a night [can't wait for graduation come dec!]. so i guess when it's time for baby #2 we're going to be moving back in.

happy as a clam as you can see
prediction about landon's future: i've realized my pinochle's future lies in the magical arts. and how does one discover this? well i put him down snug as a bug in a rug next to a mug eating a slug [ie: swaddled] and i come back an hour later only to realize he's completely unwrapped himself. how he does this? i'm not quite sure. so it's either a career as houdini or he's the next landon donovan, his namesake [not really. we all know it's after michael landon, we're HUGE bonanza fans]

and now for the cuteness show

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Yaya! A blog! FINALLY!! And it did not disappoint either. He is the cutest little baby boy! I love his thinker poses and his monkey bum and his up the nose shot. (lick lick...not his boogers. Just him.) Oh man, that sounded creepy.

I hope you keep feeling better too. And I hope Landon keeps sleeping longer and longer. You and justin did good.

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Oh and PS, i swaddled Abby last night and when i went to get her this morning, she too was out of it. Did Landon already learn how to apparate up here and teach her how to escape?

Jessica Stoneman said...

ha ha. Caitlin and I were talking about how you haven't blogged since the birth story. He is really cute Melanie.

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

o my hek he is soo stinking cute!! im so happy for u!

lauren said...

Melissa congratulations!! I just saw your mom at the temple and she said you had him. He is soo cute!!!

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