Tuesday, September 6, 2011

showers are for dirty girls...makes sense

so i am one lucky duck, let me tell you. not only am i a gonna-be-mama [which is one way i got lucky] but also i have AMAZING family and friends. this past weekend i had another baby shower for this little monster inside me. i know it is kinda lame to throw partys on holiday weekends but the most important people to me are only able to come on 3 day weekends [i did the same thing with my bridal shower] so it worked out well for us. my sisters and best friend since HS came into town and they threw me the hootastic-est shower ever!

to start off with the shower theme [owl baby shower, which is also my nursery theme....if i ever get a nursery...or a home], i enlisted the help of my friend molly-o. she is a super talented photographer & graphic artist so defiantly check her out! i gave her some ideas of what i liked on etsy and look at what an amazing job she did! [this isn't the finished product but basically what it looks like] - amazing right?!

in case you don't know me, i am kind of a dq and tend to micro-manage. what can i say? i was born to lead. so i was very clear on what was important to me and they did an amazing job!

one thing i saw online was instead of handing out a lot of blank papers for games was to create a booklet. thankfully, my hubbyspend still worked at UPS so he was able to print up these gems for me. isn't it fab? it was such an easy idea that really fancied things up.

we also had fancy water-bottle labels
here are some more pictures of the lovely party - decorations done by anna- just LOVE them. they are basically now landon's room's decorations. 
[side note: love my sister devin but man her camera sucks- sorry for the blurriness. pretend your 'impossibly fast' and this is what your mental camera took]

i just love little hudson holding onto landon - too bad you're impossibly fast right?

to say thank you to the amazing people who put SO much work into it, i made these personalized temple pictures, easy-peasy. i got the pictures of the temples from here [or go here to find ones with words on them] and edited them using picnik. seriously so easy and such a great gift [if i do say so myself...which i do]. it took some finagling to figure out the correct size to make it on picnik [and i can't remember what it was now...it was the worst trying to figure it out]. i printed them off at costco on 12x18, so the whole project for one was less then $5.

oh little landon, you are quite loved.

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

The dress you wore to your shower is super cute!! Also, your hair, as usual, looks fantastic. Showers are so much fun! I wish I could come to one of them at least. Alas, gas isn't free.

I can't WAIT until Landon comes!!

KinderTeach said...

Nowyou have your home to decorate in Owls!!

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