Thursday, September 15, 2011

mustache bash baby shower

ladies and gentlemen [as if one of those read blogs]- welcome to

i seriously have been blessed so  much to have such amazing friends who put up with my craziness threw me this amazing party! it was everything i wanted and more. meghan & whitney made it the cutest ever!  i just love the idea of doing a mustach bash instead of a typical 'noah's ark' or 'sailor' [gag]; so modern and different then anything else and it was SO much fun! here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. i got the ideas from these great parties.

{source} and {source}
and here's my fabulous party! enjoy!!
points to notice: the adorable mini-mason jars with the mustaches on them. they've got ice cubes with limes frozen in the middle. the chocolate & regular milk for MILK mustaches. the banner reads "little mr. man".
points to notice: the adorable mustache arch-way curtain. "mustache bash" and "landon" written in cute block betters. the ties on the mantle and m&m rice krispie treats.

games we played: decorated onsies - most have inside jokes [like dimple- text me for that one]. the one i made, 'jamarcus', is what justin wanted to name landon...thinking he'd be a tall, black future UNLV basketball star--good luck with that. we also had everyone look through magazines and cut out what they think landon will look like. my top favorites: the one with oprah's hair and the one with a crazy fro and steven tyler mouth.

they also used the great idea of taking pictures in a frame- a quick and easy way to jazz up photos and get crazy. love it!

another detail i loved was the chocolate mustaches meghan made that we could hold up and take silly pics with, along with the stickers [i wore the one on landon for hours after - didn't take it off until later that night at dinner]. can't you just see how amazing friends i've got? love them!

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Such a cute idea! I lurve it!

Savannah said...

This party looked so fun, what a great idea!!

Sara said...

Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

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