Monday, September 19, 2011

hubbyspend's uneventful 2-4

i know what you're thinking - what the freak is mel doing, blogging instead of birthing? i'll tell you - i'm not letting this baby out. so there.

well much to everyone's dismay, landon did not come on justin's birthday. i willed him to stay in there. i actually had an apt the day before and my midwife was so mad at me - she said she knew i was coercing him to stay in there when her [and everyone else] want him out. but i'm not quite ready yet and obviously he isn't either, despite justin's constant pushing on him to get him out,  landon is stuck in there [such a good little mama's boy].

since justin's birthday was thisclose to landon's due date [my original due date was 9-18 and his birthday was 9-16], we didn't plan too much. part laziness on my part and part budget [we ARE buying a house and having a baby you know]- oh and part justin is too nice to say what he wants [while i have a laundry list]. so i got him some treats on the days leading up to his big day [package of pink/red starburst, nothing bundt cake, great harvest cookies] then the morning of i my mom made him some french toast before work. i was planning on taking him to death taco for lunch but my boss/co-workers are a lot more thoughtful then me so they threw him a mini-party, complete with super mex [yummy mexican food by our works - we work across the street from each other so eat lunch often now] and a dairy queen ice cream cake.

the top right picture is my artwork for stonifer, justin's birthday twin and one of my best friends. she came into town this weekend so i thought it relevant to his birthday post. as you can see,
i really should have majored in art.
i did make the decorations though- you're welcome. sorry they're pink but
a- that's all we had
b- i'm his favorite person and my favorite color is pink, so double jeopardy.
his work didn't recognize his birthday at all- which isn't surprising. he is new [3 weeks], it's a professional office [he works for a congressman], and justin is not one to tell people [as i most certainly am to make sure i get some birthday recognition].

after work we shimmied to babies-r-us [to register for things we got that we don't want- shameless, i know] then joanns [for some nursery crafts] then picked up papa johns to have dinner and cake with the irelanders. kinda a low-key day but it's what the man wanted. he did get spoiled with a gift card to get some UNLVswag and some onsies- if you don't know already, our baby already has over 15 UNLV outfits, no joke. i mentioned that landon should get an SUU one too and justin got allll sorts of offended; he considers it a sin akin to wearing nike and addidas together. they're both red right?

in a related noted, saturday was an eventful day: woke up butt-early to take maternity pics with my amazing/talented/hipster/gorgeous friend lauren, was told by the costco gas attendant "dang girl--when are you due? yesterday?" so that made me feel like a million bucks, snuck in 2 more hours of sleep, went to target, went to walmart, went to the bra store, went to heidi's- my food love, watched too much football [in my humble opinion], visited the MIL, visited our HOUSE, got some slurpees, watched a movie with the irelands [landon did NOT enjoy it], then worried at home until i went to bed.
thankfully he did not come saturday. i seriously had some major contractions/such for a solid hour and was really freaking out that he would come then. soo glad they stopped. i needed a good nights rest/food. i'd prefer landon to come after a solid 9 hours of sleep and belly full of slurpee/pizza.

oh and i had dinner with these fancy ladies. stonifer, aka the one who got away, and her sister jana-banana were in town for maroon 5 concert. but really, i think they came to vegas hoping landon would come. stone is justin's birth date twin [coincidence? i think not. poor landon could have been another birthday twinner but didn't want to. OBVIOUSLY i'm his favorite]. notice her birthday gift in hand.

i sure know how to treat my ladies right.

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I just love those maternity pics. It makes me wish I would have done some. You look super pretty. And I think Justin's b-day sounded great!!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

i am still in love ur pics! im glad justin had a good birthday and u are silly with this little baby!! when is he coming out to meet the world!

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