Wednesday, June 8, 2011

today, i'm getting saved

i wrote this on my bedroom window 4 years ago post-oral surgery [sayonara wisdom teeth- i prefer to be street smart, not wise]. it was right before justin's mission and i was having a REALLY hard time accepting him leaving. and it became quite evident when i got my teeth pulled and inhaled some happy-gas. in the waiting room, i demanded my mom's phone, only to call him and cry and cry and cry. then i thought she was stealing me on our drive home so i wrote a note to justin [asking him to come save me] then threw it out the window on the freeway [which was a foolproof method of having him find me]. i even  grabbed the wheel on said-freeway to get her to take me to him. once i got home, i bribed peanut with all the money i had [a whopping few hundred] to get me a phone - and he brought me my ipod. poor kid, he must have felt so bad when i flipped out on him. well i was eventually locked in my room to sleep it off. and i wrote this last message, hoping justin would come save me.

well four years later today, he is coming home from carson - after being apart for almost a month. he is once again, saving me from my mother [i know- oh the torture of having your laundry done, food on the table when i get home, and whatever i want from costco. it's quite painful being the baby who has once again come home]. and i didn't even have to bride anyone. hazah!

oh - and this is on the other side of my bedroom window. from senior yr of hs [6 or 7 years ago]. i asked him to gr [girl's reverse for my utard friends] and came home from a lacrosse tournament to a room decorate with a poker table, chips, huge poster, and TONS of confetti [i asked by taking his whole truck in decks of face cards and a giant ticket to gr - vegas style]. and haven't taken it down since. my room/bedroom is literally a shrine to that boy.
can't get enough.
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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

lol u guys are so cute!!!

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Wow!! You were nuts when you got your teeth out!!

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