Thursday, June 16, 2011

pregnancy update: franck & daydreams of donuts

25 weeks - 6 months

20 weeks - 5 months

current weekage: 26 weeks or the start of 6 months or the beginning of the 3rd trimester [no one really tells you but the way they count weeks, you'd be pregnant for 10 months, not 9. so if we went that way, i'd be starting my 7 month. crazy things you learn when you get yourself knocked up]

poundage gained: again, i'm not about to broadcast my massive gainage here but i can tell you, i've gained too much for me - the dr says i'm fine. i don't know how it's happened either! i walk daily at work after lunch, sometimes at night. i watch what i eat and don't overeat. depressing. i guess i just need to accept i'm bound to be one of those women who gain a bazillion pounds. except maybe i do know how it happened- brownies, cake, donuts, slurpees, donuts, ice cream---wow i'm such a heifer.

food i'm stuffing my face with this week: since my brother and sisters have come into town, i've been oinking a lot of donuts. so naturally i've gotten sick of them. no absurd cravings so far. being poor helps curves your appetite for take out so nothing fun yet. just my normal slurpee a week/sometimes 2x a week, depending on when i start my week. with the weather being so hot, i've craved slurpees more and more. my lovely cousin said she had one a day while pregnant, so really, double jeopardy.

justin loves the baby-suffocator, as he so lovingly
calls car seat tents

how my body has changed this week: i feel extremely pregnant but when i take pictures of my belly, it's HUGE. when i look in the mirror, i just look chubby. i realize i won't show like other girls because of my "fluffiness" [as my grandma says] but i'm happy with what i've got. doesn't mean i'm not ready to start looking like the beached whale i feel. i've started to notice that when i walk, i can see my belly move when i look down [typically my massive boobage hides my belly] so that's a step in the right direction!

how i'm using my creative non-baby-making juices: my bff8 caitlin is due in july so i'm going to make her this! my sister anna made me this one. justin had never heard of carseat tents so when i told him what it was, he thought it would suffocate poor little no-name. which might come in handy if he cries as much as his aunt anna did.

things i'm loving this week like a $2 woman of the night: the 9 lives of chloe king, taking walks at dusk, my hubbyspend, slurpees [even more so], my body pillow, the trashcan i keep under my desk to keep my feet elevated during the day, this owl pattern i found at joann's.

things i'm hating this week like snape hates shampoo: my old enemy- stairs [i hate to use such trite quotes but it fits so well. i work on the 3rd floor so i take the stairs every. day. at first it was easy and now, a month into employment, i think i'm going to die by the 2nd floor. which probably equates to about 60 kcals a day but still, i am very proud of those 60 kcals burned]

how little baby no-name is doing aka the real reason you're reading my blog: well let me tell you, being pregnant is the best. aside from the occasional heartburn, lost ability to touch the ground, annoyingly awesome kicks in my ribs/bladder - honestly, i love being pregnant and i've luckily been able to avoid a lot of cliques SO FAR [constipation, morning sickness, new stretch-marks (the old ones have made enough leeway on my body, thank you), hemorrhoids, unusual cravings, ginormous swelling] but then again, i'm only 6 months. the last 3 are the real killers. as my bff8 told me, i am one of those lucky women who end up having bucket loads of babies because i don't have those symptoms. but then again, i hear boys are easier to carry then girls [and i'm not stopping until i get a girl...or three]. he still has no name yet. some have told me not to reveal the name when we do pick it but come on, i'm as good of a secret keeper as hugh hefner is at monogamy. he loves to kick me and irritate obviously he's like his father already. i just love this little booger though.
24 weeks

how papa bear is doing: the day justin got home he felt baby olive kick! it was such a tender, touching moment. usually olive is super shy when people touch him [or likes it so much it's soothes him] so i'm glad he could feel him. it seems like each day he can kick harder. so far, only shannon & lynsey have felt him [sisters]. my mom is too impatient to wait. justin is now liking the name lincoln [after the prison break character, not the president] but i'm not sold on it. lincoln harrison? sounds presidential right? because it IS two presidents = lame kid who gets picked on.

skinny girl i hate this week: a few weeks ago actually i went to cpr/1st aid training for work [snoozefest- seriously, how many years do i need to take this to understand - do chest compressions to the tune of "first i was afraid, i was petrified"] it also had baby cpr so that was fun but i was obviously a little fat or pregnant so i informed the teacher i'd have to snack often and couldn't do everything you'd normally do. she was so sweet and made such a big dealio about it- making me feel like a star. and you know me- typically shy and in the background mel.... i milked that buizness up. well halfway into it, i found out there was another pregnant girl there- fun! she was wearing a baggy shirt and was really small so i figured, maybe a few weeks along. nope. she's due before me. i felt like such a drama queen [newsflash: that shouldn't be a newsflash] for making it such a big dealio. and for being the fat cow. what's so wrong with eating a burrito or four? really skinny girl- fatten yourself up. which reminds me of ANOTHER stupid skinny girl i hate. on 16 and pregnant [my new obsession bc it's really my 8 years] there was this stupid cow who had an eating disorder a few years ago and would not eat for her baby. like- all day eat 2 crackers and some water. i wanted to slap her and force a couple big macs down her throat. i know it's a disease but #1-selfish for the baby and #2- selfish for us fat pregnant ladies.
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how my life resembles a movie this week: classic movie- father of the bride II. now let's be honest, if my mother got pregnant while i was, i'd blow a gasket. first off, the last time my parents did that was when i was made. so beaver, ut february 1986. one of my favorite parts of the movie is when the girls worked out with franck. "little tin soliders...happy tin soldiers...NOW WITH ATTITUDE". since moving back to vegas, i've had a hard time fitting in my traumatic workout videos [don't worry, i go walking a lot] but this week i started going to prenatal yoga. and i'm doing my best to incorporate attitude.


*sidenote: a friend from HS just recently announced she's pregnant [congrats marissa!] and was there for her sister's birth. well that said sister got a bouquet of candy in the hospital. i just want all my fans to know that anykind of candy or cookie or donut bouquets are not only acceptable, but encouraged. and not just when the baby comes [and i have to start dieting to lose those baby lbs] but now. so...... i'll be expecting a package.
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KinderTeach said...

Maybe if we weren't all banished from the delivery room, you could get yourself some treats. I am a very good snack bringer, so double jeapordy. Just don't forget to practice marking your baby
Kids are stupid. They may know that Lincoln has a President, but how many will know that Harrison was?

Jessica Stoneman said...

I laughed out loud when you said like snape hates shampoo. I'll do my best to send a bouquet on the day of the grand arrival.

Anna Campbell said...

That doesn't look like the carseat tent I made, but it is really cute! Good job!

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

mel u are so cute pregnant!!! i love ur belly! and i love ur car tent that u made it is sooo cute!! hope all is well

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

How how come you've found cute Sunday clothes? I look like such a hippo on Sundays!! But you look super cute!

KinderTeach said...

Jessica~Don't send her a bouquet of flowers, send her a bouquet of slurpee cups.

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