Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summa time

summa time [insert 'ahhhh' here]

there are so many wonderful things about summer. first off, the heat. now we may gripe about this more then publicly necessary on the book that is full of faces but it's the best thing about this time of year. heat allows us to wear our share of scantily clad clothing--and by that i mean cut off shorts at the knees and cap-sleeved shirts. we can wear flip-flops to work [or i can, once my feet blow up to rival the elephant man] and drink slurpees at 8:30am because it's already hit 115 degrees. summer means swimming, lake trips, camping trips, fireworks, popsicles, and blockbusters.

things i'm looking forward to the most this summer
-this weekend! typically my ladies and i tear it up at homecoming each year but alas, i'll have a 2 week naturally the t-bird red facepaint won't stick too well on his baby soft skin. we decided to do a mini-get-together this weekend with caitlin [who is bursting at the seams- due in a few weeks], tifferoni, & stoner mcb. it's going to be epic. plus stone is coming to vegas fri night to see gavin degraw poolside @ the red rock.
-our 2nd annual irelander/harrison camping trip 4th of july weekend. justin says he won't take me this year because i was bad enough last year, when i wasn't pregnant- we'll see. i have my womanly ways of coercion [read: bribery in the form of letting him and steven go fishing without their wives]
-harry potter and the deathly hollows II - this trailer literally made me cry. man i'm a hot mess [literally. and i know i've already used it in this bullet point- it just fits so well]
-to meet little abbigale naomi tappana. and this little booger that my sister blogs about but i can't name due to legal reasons. okay, the truth is, he's running from the law - so a typical zobrist.
-my showers. being as dirty of a girl as i am, i'm lucky enough to get 3 little ones. bring on the cake people! and i've got the cutest themes....stay tuned people. stay tuned.
-hopefully get into a house. we're a busy househunting each night/weekend, trying to find something before the baby comes. we can't decide where we want to be! i can't wait to decorate it in SWAG- stuff we all get. i decorated my whole condo in swag.
-death cab for cuties new album [came out in may] and vanessa carlton's in july. [speaking of music, anyone else thoroughly bugged that winnie the pooh totally ripped keane's music for their commercials?]
-jk rowling's big announcement - seriously, talk about a media whore. it better be worth all this type or else i'll get prison mike to get the dementors to go around, sucking the souls out of people.
-to watch my summer video list: juno, junior, and baby mama [to prepare myself for the big day, naturally], dirty dancing [to remember how i got pregnant], heavyweights [justin's favorite movie ever], and the x-men, pirates, LOTR, and HP series.

summer lovin'...happened so fast. if it can happen for sandy, it can happen for anyone.
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KinderTeach said...

Dementors, like in Harry Potter?

Just remember there are no movies in prison

Jessica Stoneman said...

Ha ha. I thought it was quite fitting to have Keane in the Winnie the Pooh commercials, and I'm lovin your summer movie list.

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I love summer more than anything...except the heat? Not such a big fan this year! And ya, That Pottermore thing wasn't that awesome...

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