Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my brain is a smorgasbord of thoughts

oh atlantic ocean - how warm you are. as if a million people have peed in it....oh wait
mexican ruins
we are expected to hit [at least] 110 degrees in vegas this weekend. it is hot as sin but thankfully we're going to the lake this weekend. too bad i can't do anything too fun. i am also making another photo book [we get these killer coupons so it's silly not to use them right? the logic of women, people], this time of our honeymoon or a time when i could touch my toes or walk a mile without panting like a dog or needing a bathroom. i know a lot of couples don't get the opportunity to go out of the country for their honeymoons so i am so thankful we could have that time, especially now that we never again will have any fun. seriously, it was the best. read about the time justin fell in love with a man or when we got in a rumble in panama. it was legit.
my panamanian {?} monkey friend - very thankful for that diaper

zip lining in costa rica - can't do that now [insert grumpy face]
 oh, so i should probably mention my killer weekend - not only did stonifer & i see mr. gavin degraw [aka one tree hill's claim to fame] in concert friday but we also had a mini-reunion in cedar city with my besties. i had the best time in college - thankfully so because i would have clawed my eyes out if i was stuck at home when justin went to uruguay. not only did i get some rockin baby stuff for little no-name [we are down to 2ish names - i said we should have our friends vote on their favorites but alas, justin isn't as attention-whorish as i am] but we also got to just hang out, doing nothing but talking and eating at our favorite haunts [wendy's, pizza factory, maverick, bishop's house] and if there's one thing i excel at these days, it's eating. a lot of people said i would lose touch with my college pals because they are stuck in the vortex of crazy known as utah but alas, we have beat the odds. i still email my bff8 everyday and stone & i rock out to a few concerts every year. so eat that skeptics. or better yet, i will because i'm feeling a tad faint as it's been an hour and a half since i oinked my cereal.
the power of 4 and 2 halves [not another whole - we can't pair these two babies up before they're born! thats for after]
and on a completely separate note [wow, this post as taken on a whole new level of sportaticness], happy birth moment to my fabulous and favorite sister shannon, or as i so lovingly call her- pineapple [i have no idea] and she calls me priss [really? i don't see it]. there's no one else i'd rather pig out and watch movies for hours with. mocking and quoting tv shows take on a whole new level with this gal. i can't think of letting anyone else mother and cater to my needs then you [except mom and her every-flowing pantry]. i can't wait to have you mark my baby so baby snatchers can't steal him. love you big sis.
at liberty jail [or at the playboy mansion - like you could tell] on our church history trip post-grad 2009
ps - one of my favorite gifts this weekend was a frame for the nursery that says 'treat your mother right'. it surprises and appalls me so many people don't know what this is. for your viewing pleasure people. you're welcome.

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Isn't it sort of crappy all the things you can't do whilst pregnant? I want nothing more right now then to go to Lagoon and ride the roller coasters. But alas, Abbie is preventing me from doing so. Thankfully, it will all be worth it!

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