Tuesday, March 22, 2011

baby's first picture - and she was blinking...shoot!

i must give my deepest apologies for being quite the lame-o writer lately. usually i love to write but with my lack of anything interesting in my life, it's started to show on my blog. and i don't want to become one of THOSE blogs [baby blogs- you know that only talk about their kids but we're all magically drawn to read each and every post] but alas, i must concede this time - it's honestly the most interesting thing about me lately. but don't worry, i'm attempting to fix that.

so last weekend i traveled the long, dark road to vegas [7 hrs of death. thank heavens for the invention of the ipod] for my first ultrasound and some much needed heidi's. here's the big reveal

baby olive was quite the wiggly little baby! granted, it was after i oinked a delicious sandwich, but she [i'm guessing] kept jumping up then sliding down. i just wish i could have felt it. sadly, she was a tad smaller then expected so my due date was pushed back to sept 24. i say sadly because a-who wants to wait any longer then they have to? b- i feel so tubby, i'd like to have a legitimate excuse for being quite the fluffy-gal and c-i've got plans of going out of town in october [the annual stadium-way gal homecoming reunion] so i wanted to make the 6 week mark before then- justin said that was incredibly selfish of me.....oink oink. as my good pal steven ireland said "you're baby isn't small - he's just short. look at his parents" hardy-har-har says the giant.

anyways so that's our little nugget of joy. and for some comic relief/routine complaining, here's some facts i've come to learn come with pregnancy. some previously known, others are quite the ongoing surprise.

-i no longer can suck in my stomach. i try, but not much happens. i guess i should have expected this, but no
-i am hungry all. the. time. i eat dinner, snack after, then have to eat right before bed. luckily, i haven't had it so bad as my bff8 [caitlin wakes UP because she's so hungry] but granted, she's ahead of me
-i can't see my toes. granted, i haven't seen them since puberty. quite funny- in one of my maternity workout videos, the instructor asks you to look at what little of your toes you can see. well the jokes on you- i haven't seen my toes since 1998
-you'd think being pregnant would gain some sympathy from the hubsters but alas, he thinks i'm milking it. probably because i am
-my pants are getting uncomfortable now - i'm looking forward to stretchy jeans more then normal.
-smells i can't stand: chicken noodle soup, seafood, the grocery store, my fridge, eggs, my apartment, dogs
-i've never seen a birth; video or anything. so when i saw an episode of 'one born every minute', it made me ill. justin couldn't even watch it.

oh the many joys. oh, i found out what an episiotomy is [for mature audiences only. and by that, i mean ladies]- made me violently sick.

here she is post-jumping, mid-slide
oh look! another picture of the cutest baby ever! how did that happen??
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KinderTeach said...

Such a cute little booger. How about I call it booger instead of Tubaloth? Compromise? I just don't know if I can get into calling it an olive. An olive is something I put on my fingers before I eat it, or a horrific color, either way...

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I love this post! Cute little baby Olive. I can't wait for her and Abby to meet. They will become fast immortal friends just like us. And way to give me a shout out!! Yayay! It's true. I do wake up hungry. And I eat. And the next morning i find crumbs in my bed. But it's fun having an excuse to eat a lot right?

Jordan & Heather Wong said...

o ur baby is adorable and tell that big meanie steven ireland that ur baby is the perfect size and only abnormal people are tall!! haha anyways u gotta start getting on babysteals.com they have a new deal every day at 9am (utah time) and 9pm. each deal is something AWESOME for ur baby or for u and each thing is 50-70% off!! i get things off of there all the time! i love that website! also belly bands are nice to have cuz they let u not button up ur jeans and no one knows! lol anyways this is much too long but i love ur little baby and whatever it is it will be the perfect height!

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