Friday, March 11, 2011

what to write when you have no life

sorry for my lack of posts lately- i've been quite the loser lately with no life [say that 5x fast and you'll realize you're as big loser just like me]. believe me, i've tried to write. i've started posts with great topics [things that everyone love but really suck ex: bikram yoga, of mice and men, the girl with the dragon tattoo, or american idol] or [pregnancy lies: pregnant ladies always gloat about how awesome it is to be fat and have a baby in you- yadayadayada- well no one tells you the seedy underbelly of it all. ex: constant nausea, loss of appetite, never being able to sleep or get comfortable, lower back pain and feeling gross all. the. time.]- see i had some great topics but alas, i never could pick myself up to writing about it. so instead i've just compiled a list of some of the happenings of our life here in carson.

it's been over a month now that we've been living in our nasty-stinky apt. still jobless [not anticipating anything soon] and quite bored, but this time has given me opportunity to sleep in til 10am everyday, read the hp's again for the movie in july, do my baby workouts, and go on long walks. so here's the haps for our folks

-our apt houses a ghost in our coat closet. don't believe me? justin doesn't either but the door is ALWAYS slightly ajar and when i'm in the bathtub [which is about 25% of my day], i can hear him. maybe he's the cause of the stink...

-fluffy has gotten quite lethargic these days. maybe bc his water is quite cold and we don't have a water heater. i talk to him often but he rarely moves and stays in the weirdest positions all day long. here's a rare glimpse of him not being shy.

-i've finally got my appetite back and that means i've learned interesting places to hoard my snacks i don't want to share [oink oink]. last week it was fat-free ruffles. this week, sour gummy worms. justin goes crazy trying to find the places i hide things- he's only found it once.

-we are currently watching lost- just reached the end of season 4. in it, sawyer [a name contender, beeteedub] quoted 'of mice and men'- i had never read it so i checked it out at the library. it was the WORST. well, not the worst. 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' is the worst. very sexually graphic.

-we've only traveled out of the city once to lake tahoe and it was snowy so we couldn't get out but got some cool pics.
the road to tahoe
the view from my apt

-justin has been doing EXCELLENT at his internship- he's had so much fun! and thankfully he gets off early some days [including this morning when he took me to ihop to oink some chocolate chip pancakes and bacon]. he's got to go to all these cool events at night [last night he went to the governor's mansion!] and he's planning the annual republican v. democrat basketball game. i've got the coolest husband ever.

-march snow brings an unhappy melissa. heres some upsides: the beautiful park i walk through becomes magical. oh, and the geese came out to play. now that the snow has melted they've gone into hibernation. and my sweet sweet husband always shovels the snow off the car for me. 
my wonderful hubbyspend
my geese friends
my beautiful park - i hear hoodlums hang out here. thank goodness i'm impossibly fast and incredibly strong.
-i'm going home to vegas in a week for our first ultrasound and i'm so excited bc a-i get to see my little baby b-i'm going to oink out some heidi's c-my best friend is coming into town d-i'm getting my hair did and e-i'm going to be out of carson- who really needs another excuse other then that?

-for justin's music class we had to go to a coffee bar and attend a jazz concert. it was actually great music but the people were all sorts of crazy. justin played on his computer the whole time and missed the knight walked past [it was fat tuesday].
who plays on their computer at a concert? my husband
i know it's mardi gras but come on, 50 is too old for short skirts and sparkly wigs

-someone in town has pet deer. DEER! as PETS! we found them on our way home from church and i had to double back to take a pic. how COOL is that? i'll tell you, nothing is cooler then that. 

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

That is so HILARIOUS that you hide your snacks around the apartment. I should try that. When Sam eats some of my oinks, I try to remain calm, but my heart starts to race and I almost hyperventilate. Also, I could NEVER have deer as pets. I couldn't resist a snack everyday.

Savannah said...

Sounds like things are good for the most part in Carson. I'll be in Reno this week, not too far, and we are going to Tahoe! Here's a fun tip, go to the buffet at the top of Harrah's Tahoe for breakfast. It's pretty good and has a great view of the lake!

KinderTeach said...

Fluffy is almost white now. I think it is maybe time that he takes a special visit to the big white porcelain sky.
I also hope you bring your nice geese friends some bread on your walks. Maybe you could bring them a nice fish. I'm sure they would be grateful. :)

Amanda said...

I had never hard of Carson City before you guys haha and now at work I've been talking to people all day from Carson City! And i've been trained on how to pronounce Nevada and how Carson City is not a county but treated as a county and how that should never be brought up in conversation with a resident of Carson City.

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