Tuesday, October 12, 2010

santa mel giving out freebies

for justin's birthday, i did a post on where you could get a whole bunch of free stuff. this morning when i was doing my routine bs-ing, i came across miss ashleigh dudley's post about a website that regularly updates freebies companies give out- to go there click on this segment of underlined awesomeness. if you don't trust me, trust her. ashleigh is like the coolest person i know for several reasons [reason #1- her mom runs a HARRY POTTER camp every summer]. here's a pic of the great hall on post day- when owls deliver the mail.

why not? i've already got some free samples of shampoo, dog food, toilet wipes, advil, and 'feminine products' heading my way- score! with some looking around i found that target regularly updates a page with a free sample. if you're a sam's club member, you can get stuff too! if you go here, you can not only get free pantene samples but also coupons/samples from other products.

that reminded me of something justin's aunt told me this weekend- las vegas has a new shakespeare company in town and they've been doing macbeth free in parks all month! i wish upon wishes that i could go to the last two ( oct 16 and 23) but alas, i have great times up ahead (suu homecoming & time out for women/hurst women reunion). if you can't make that, they're also doing [for freesies]: korean cultural day oct 14th, artbeat oct 15th and oct 22nd, and the henderson symphony orchestra oct 29th.

and if THOSE don't strike your fancy, try hitting up your local library. i, like lorelei leigh gilmore, think that reading is sexy. library's not let you rent (and request!) tons of movies (new releases! workout vids!), cds; everything your heart could desire. including free events- movies in the park, art exhibits, kid activities. oh, and books too.

the fun doesn't end here- my best friend jessica p. stoner mcboner opened my eyes to amazon's free music downloads- everyone knows about itunes- but amazon? they give away whole albums! speaking of music, my other bestie kayla i-swore-to-the-grave-never-to-reveal-her-middle-name mcgill showed me this website where you can upload your own songs and create ringtone for free- this is where i get all my ringtones now.

and TODAY, golden spoon is giving away free yogurt tonight from 6-10pm.

if you are a slurpee-holic like myself, then you should sign up for slurpee rewards- text your code on your slurpee to a number and they'll count up points. these points are redeemable for free redbox rentals.

just call me santa mel- spitting awesomeness out at every turn.
ps- i wish this was me. except in woman form. too bad i suck at clip-art- maybe then i could fool ya.

what's your freebie secret??
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Jordan & Heather Wong said...

love that

Clint and Sarah Pickens said...

Mel, we need to be better friends. You seriously have my lol-ing on every single one of your blogs. It's fab. xoxo.

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