Monday, October 11, 2010

happy birthday mr. lennon

i love trying new resturants. especially those joints that advertise $4.99 buffets and have food encrusted in their carpet fibers.

cheesey [read: bad] resturants are my lifeblood

shannon is typically my parnter in this lost form of culinary artistry but since my big sister is miles away, i let justin have a try at it. [actually, he usually refuses to go to these kind of places with me. but i'd like to pretend i'm the one in control of that situation] we coincidently had a gift cert for such a place and it coincidently coincided with john lennon's birthday. i guess it was one of those serendipitous moments in life.

rambo's kitchen is a new resturant in the sw part of  town, not too far from our apt. i have never been in a place with better service or cooler atmosphere. seriosuly, this place was the

too bad the food was death

i read online that if you wore a tie-dye t-shirt you got 10% off too. luckily, i have a tie-dye shirt for such o-cassions, much to justin's dismay. this turned out to be true. the review also said the food was good. this turned out to be false. i guess you can't win them all.
[justin was quite grumpy about taking a pic- for some reason, he gets easily embaressed by me in public. so i snapped this quickly. i am attempting to make a peace sign.... kind of a fail]

but with decor such as this and books like that, it's hard to resist such places. awesome time. too bad i went home to eat a pb&j after.

i hope john loved his small birthday celebration. it might not be as cool as kim carr's birthday bash but hey, i do what i can.

a note of the beatles- i am a humungo beatles fan. favorite song? eleanor rigby. i still remember my shining moment of fame in jr high show choir when i had a solo in our beatles medeley. favorite john song? imagine [i know- clique. don't hate]. i asked justin a few weeks ago if he knew all the beatle's names and which 2 were alive. i was never more proud when he got 3/4 [people too often forget about ringo- even though he has the coolest name]. the beatles are my #1 old people bands. other favs? abba. elton john. wham! [my second favorite]. so in celebration of john's birthday last saturday, listen to some beatle's tunes and remember the good ol'days.

ps- don't blame oko. they were gonna break up eventually.

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