Thursday, July 13, 2017

here comes summer camp!

flat grandma came with me on my first day of school.
she's been very supportive.
man it's been a while since i've written on here. what can i say? i finally have a life. i've had my lessons planned out for several weeks and even have two months of my preschool planned out. my room is all set up and is fantastic. i have a lot of support from my family and  *some of my friends. i didn't get first day jitters until i went to bed the night before. to preface this, i hadn't filled up my class and i had been praying to the lord for *just one more kid* to make me feel like i'm really being productive/profitable/on the right track with my life. then the night before i got one more. heavenly father is truly amazing and i have no doubt he hears my prayers.

anywho so i have 4 kids wednesday (3 girls and 1 boy) then thursday i have 5 boys (2 of them are mine and 2 are our best buddies). not too shabby for my first forray into teaching! [and my preschool is happily filled as well]. each week we have a fun theme to explore and learn about. it's amazing the change i've seen in myself since deciding i wanted to pursure this. as i make my lesson plans and figuring out logistics, it's all just fallen into place. we still want to have one more kid which would throw a wrench in teaching but i'm just taking one week at a time.

now i am for sure one to toot her own horn so i have to say, TOOT! TOOT! i am a pretty fun summer camp teacher. i did it a couples times for friends before and i have a lot of experience teaching kids so it comes quite naturally to me. i don't know how preschool will go but summer camp will be fun. i've only got one week in my pocket but i think i'll enjoy it. surprisingly, i was/am not a kid person. i don't love snuggling kids that aren't my own but when it comes to teaching and managing kids in a controlled setting [like school or soccer], i can do it pretty well. i'm also super glad i'm doing this camp because it's helped me 'test run' my room and how i teach. hopefully once school starts in august i'll have a lot of the kinks worked out. hopefully i can say at the end of the summer i enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again. only time will tell!

*not all of them sadly.
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KinderTeach said...

Now that you have a few day camps under your belt how are you feeling about it?
I'm sorry there have been some unsupportive people. Don't listen to them. You have this and are amazing. Remember, I'm always here for a sounding board too. Although, now since you teach school can you PLEASE use an uppercase letter here and there?!!!!!!!!! And your I's should ALWAYS be uppercase! 😘

Caitlin said...

I'm sorry not everyone is supportive. I think this is an amazing thing you are doing and I'm so glad it is helping you feel productive and happy. Way to follow your dreams/promptings.

Kari said...

I loved to read about Heavenly Father is answering your prayers. And I think you have a right to toot your own horn, nice work!

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