Monday, January 16, 2017

threenager: pooh bear edition

age: 3

weight: heavy. too lazy to weigh

what porter loves: jake and the neverland pirates [why did you go off netflix?! whY!], cereal [especially cheerios], crackers, chips, basically anything unhealthy. he does love oatmeal [chocolate chip] but he'll also eat crown sugar.

what porter hates: running, sharing, being told what to do [really. i can't tell him a single thing. eat this, go pee now, anything]. he hates fruits and vegetables but in a very rare moon will eat them willingly [which is crazy because as a baby, he LOVED vegetables]. he hates sleeping in his own bed and will regularly climb in bed with us, which sucks because he's a very active sleeper. he isn't a fan of eating meals either- he loves to snack which i've heavily limited, but still, he's the same.

what porter can do: he can sing the ABCs and for some reason, w is his favorite letter. he's starting to scribble with crayons. porter knows his colors pretty well and we're working on shapes. he can throw and catch pretty well, considering he's not naturally athletic. running and following directions in sport's class is his least favorite thing. he likes to attempt to wipe his own booty and he is about 85% potty trained. he just pees a bit in his undies and doesn't care about it. and if i don't remind him, he won't go. like i said, he's hard headed. most days he goes without a nap now but he could still use one. if he does nap, he'll stay up until 11pm. he's inherited his dad's night owl characteristics.

what porter says: i hope i never forget how adorable his little voice sounds and how he pronounces words. he doesn't prounces s's when they're at the beginning of the word. 'nuggle. 'nacks. it's so cute but also scares me - i do NOT want to do speech. porter will be so sweet "mom you're my favorite" or "i'm going to keep you forever!". he'll also tell us we're the worst and that one of us needs a bag of poo-poo [a running family joke].

what we're working on: walking without falling, not peeing in his underwear, eating meals and fruits/vegetables.
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