Thursday, January 5, 2017

life lately: xmas edition

merry christmas! we had a great holiday season but man, i am ready for it to be over! i'm ready for regular life to begin again. and by regular life, i mean school. i am so ready for school to be back in session. anywho, here's what we've been up to at christmas time. 

life lately has been joyful. we started off the season by visiting the magical forest at opportunity village. it's become a great family tradition and we love going. especially this year since all the kids could go on all the rides. we got to go see landon at school where he presented his puppet. it's been fireplace time. seriously, we have it burning almost every night. we love snuggling up and warming up near the fire. it's really one of the reasons why i love my house. and here's another gem from the magical forest- me and my boys in the cinderella carriage.
life has been lazy. justin will bring in our spare mattress sometimes in front of the TV and we love snuggling and sleeping on it. life has been delicious and full of cookies. my waistline sure is suffering because of it but man, i love cookie season. and apparently griffin does too.  we went to the annual ornament exchange and have a fun time with our family friends. we also decorated gingerbread houses with the irelands and ate way too much candy before dinner. mom win!
 lately i've been taking care of me. kayla and i went to a spa one afternoon and go massages. we spent a lot of time naked, going between freezing and burning temperatures. it was awesome. we visited santa at our church christmas party where landon stared at one of the wiseman. i am a proud mama! we watched a lot of christmas movies [some of us SLEPT through it] and built a snowman on our door.
life has been spending a lot of time at home. meghan got landon an awesome craft kit and books. he has been so excited to make crafts and do different things each day. we've built tents, done crafts, and fought. a lot of fighting.
christmas eve we spent at mema's house where the boys were spoiled as usual. she bought all of them a bike/ride! i didn't think santa would ever come to our house because porter was up past 11pm! we're saying goodbye to naptime. we had a great time christmas morning before church. landon got a nerf gun bow and arrow that he wanted. porter got a paw patrol steering wheel and griffin got a little people car ramp [along with other things]. christmas was extra special since it landed on a sunday.
christmas night we had dinner at grandpa dave's and had a fabulous time. the highlight there was....legoland season passes!! we cannot wait to go. griffin really understood how to open presents and was even a little overzealous. i just love christmas time with kids.
 the day after christmas, my sister anna came into town. we celebrated noah's birthday and had dinner with my brother. the kids got an awesome paw patrol game and slurpees!
lastly, life has been sweet. although i am MORE then ready for school to go back in session, it has been nice having a lot of down time. we've played robot turtles, gone on mommy dates, and watched too much tv. oh, and a project. TBA!

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KinderTeach said...

Wish you could've come up here with Awn. We had lots of fun without you.

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