Wednesday, January 18, 2017

porter's 3rd birthday interview

name: david harrison
age: 3
weight: i don't know
favorite color: yellow
favorite movie: i don't know, i just... santa claus! i like that movie 
* he doesn't watch too many movies. it just too hard to sit still that long
favorite food: french fries and ketchup
best friend: daddy
favorite tv show: little einsteins*animal mechanical he just discovered. and he laughs hysterically while he watches it. that or jake are faovrites.
favorite book: fireman 
favorite place to visit: grandma
favorite thing to do with mommy: make the cake
favorite animal: pig. what's that animal doing at our house? that's a crazy animal! he's a farmer!
when i grow up, i'm going to be: be tall
favorite drink: juice. apple juice

* i was surprised at how quickly he responded this way! i would say cereal or nuggets or apple sauce
*he doesn't really HAVE friends yet. if i had to pick i would say kevin or ryan
*what he is currently have me read back to back. he will love on one book for a couples day then move on to another.
favorite toy: helicopter 
*note: porter kept asking us what our favorite colors are. then asking the other people, telling them what their favorite color is, then asking again. he doesn't really have a favorite toy but he does play pretty independently.
*would say mcdonald's or the gym
favorite thing to do with daddy: cut the wood
*eat treats. they have a shared love of that
*he does like helping me cook
favorite sport: soccer
*he doesn't really like sports. he's more of a music man
favorite person: daddy
favorite song: the poo poo song 
*we made it up as a family and it's a huge hit
**he sings all the time. he'll often sing songs we heard once days ago from storytime. he loves to sing!
what are you really good at: 
*he starts singing "mommy wants a bag of poo poo!" smell my feet mommy!
*he is a great snuggler! he is very sweet when he wants to be.
where do you want to go on vacation: legoland
what would you do if you had $1,000: a dinosaur. a big dinosaur! he'd reach his arms up to the air and be tall. rarrrr!!
favorite flavor of ice cream: chocolate with chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream with sprinkle
favorite treat: orange candy canes. chocolate chips. i like all the chocolate chips!
*he loves chocolate over almost everything but he also likes gummies.
who is your hero: i don't know
favorite scripture story: i don't know
*he probobly doesn't know. he doesn't really listen at scripture time.
what do you want to do before your next birthday: be jake and the neverland pirates 
*what his current birthday party will be* mommy! smell my feet!
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