Thursday, December 8, 2016

utah is for exhausted mothers

right after kayla's supersize weekend, we headed up to utah for thanksgiving. packing up to leave was somewhat hectic: i had just the craziest party weekend, justin came home early from his trip to south america because he got really sick, and the 3 of my boys had dr. appointments. we didn't end up leaving vegas until 11am. right before we left our house, we discovered that the car DVD player didn't work [after working just fine a few days before]. after a more pleasant drive then i could have imagined [thank you grandma for keeping the kids entertained!].

we spent our first two nights at my sister devin's house. she recently got new carpet and mattresses- super nice for us! my boys loved playing with ayden & bree, and unfortunately, their dogs. the first night we got there, justin and i snuck off after the kids were alseep for some dessert. tuesday we visited the imagination museum at thanksgiving point. we spent most of our day there. so much fun! i love the water section the most but the zipline and treehouse is pretty cool. landon especially love the floor game system- whatever it's called. he worked up a serious sweat! that afternoon we hung out with the kids, got some costco pizza and then snuck out again once the kids were alseep and saw 'the arrival'. justin hates movies, especially sci-fi, but even he enjoyed the movie. it was pretty good.

wednesday we drove up to temple square. i've been wanting to do this with my kids for a while and i'm so glad we did. it wasn't super enjoyable but it was nice for landon to see the special places there. they know a few names and faces so it's so cute to see them recognize Joseph Smith or our Savior. we really enjoyed the children's section at the church history museum. after a lunch at city creek, we drove up to my parent's house in deweyville [north of brigham city]. we got a hotel in tremonton with a pool which was so much fun! that night we had a delicious spaghetti dinner with my parents and sister shannon. we had to eat in a large, industrial garage room- pieced off by plastic tarp. it was freezing and uncomfortable but so much fun. i love my family and miss them so much.

the next day, thanksgiving, we had planned to play at mcdonalds in the morning but it was closed so we headed to the farm. it was freezing but fun. the kids chased the chickens, we walked the grounds, drove the polaris, and took a drive in papa's tractor. thanksigivng dinner is my favorite meal, especially my mom's. it was divine! the kids made life miserable but it was worth it. after lunch we headed to logan to see the trolls movie. [side note: logan is so beautiful!] it was so cute! i was dancing in my seat. the music was amazing but justin timberlake was some serious wasted talent. we went back to grandma's after to pack up some leftovers, have a lego party, and eat pie. then we swam with my sister devin and her family back at the hotel.

the next morning, after some delicious chocolate chip waffles, we met my mom at mcdonalds to get that play on that we missed the day before. after saying goodbye, we hoped the kids would sleep for a long time. they made it to ogden. we stopped by the air force museum [another thing that's been on our bucket list for a long time]. couldn't beat the price of FREE. landon liked it- the other two didn't care much either way. then we headed to discovery museum at gateway. now, i haven't been there in a few years but man it has gone GHETTO! so ghetto. i remember it being super nice and busy. it was black friday and no one was there! my SIL remarked that city creek took away a lot of it's business but still, gateway- step it up. clean your bathrooms! i really like the discovery museum, especially the vacuum/ball tree thing. my kids played there for several hours- at nap time. that's saying something. we were trying to stay up north because we were meeting my college friends that night and were trying to limit car time. the kids got cranky real fast and took a quick snooze in the car on our way to jungle jims in midvale. i didn't quite know what to expect. it's like a dirty chuck e cheese with better rides. landon had a blast! the rides were super fun, the food was terrible. the company was really what was worth it all. since my kids were so tired we didn't get to hang out for long. it's hard being a grown up.

the next morning we played with our cousins then headed back to vegas. traffic was pretty bad and the kids were even worse. i shouldn't say kids- porter. that kid has really been testing my love as a mother lately. i'm really hoping three is a better age for porter because two has been quite rough. no one was more happy to be home then griffin though. he just loves his home! we were all pretty tired from our crazy, fun-filled week. i feel like i never have enough time/money/patience/space for all the people i love in utah. i guess that just means you have to move to vegas!! you hear that??!
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KinderTeach said...

Nope, I don't hear that. I'll move to Vegas when my parents do or are dead.
I'm glad I got to see you briefly. I'm sad we didn't get more time to talk and cackle though. I miss my baby sister.

Caitlin said...

I'm so glad i was able to see you, even if it was a short time. (thanks Caitlin, for being late as usual.) If Vegas will give Sam a higher paying job with lower paying utility/mortgage, we are there. ;)

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