Wednesday, October 19, 2016

welcome to the wonder years

i cut those creepy people out. you're welcome
i never thought i was an emotional person. really. i'm not a hugger or [public] cryer. then i had kids and my whole body just betrayed. i started sagging, growing, shrinking, and decomposing. i guess i literally was giving parts of myself away as i grew these little boys. how is that fair? shouldn't you be rewarded because you're giving away your time/energy/money/sanity for someone else? the reward for being so selfless is perkier boobs and a skinnier waist? oy vey.

so the day i've been so excited for all summer finally came - the first day of kindergarten. landon was ready! he knew his ABCs, his sounds, some words. he could wipe his tushy, recite his address and phone number, and he wanted to go. still, i was apprehensive because so many people told me not to with his late birthday. and i'm so glad i didn't listen to them. who knows what i'll say in 5-10-15 years but now i'm glad. the first day justin had a work meeting at the exact time landon had to be at school so we said our goodbyes to him before we left. justin had given landon a priesthood blessing the night before that did a lot to calm his [and my!] nerves.

it was crazy hectic! charter schools mean no busing so EVERYONE and their mother and father and siblings were at school. we parked a mile away and trekked it into school in the already 95 degree weather. landon was a bit scared to play on the playground but was happy when we spotted his BF tanner. when he walked away into school, i was quite teary. the whole day i just felt this pain, this hole in my heart. my baby was missing! i had a doctors appointment too that made me drive past his school several times that day so that didn't help either. i was quite tempted to pull a beverly goldberg and just creep outside the gate and wait for recess.

at 3pm i woke up the babies, threw them in a 115 degree car and sped off to school. i don't know why i thought picking up in the carpool lane the first day was the best idea [it clearly wasn't]. i didn't get my baby in the car until an HOUR after i got to school. my car was running on fumes, the babies were screaming - it was pure mania! i was so excited to see my baby boy. we celebrated by going out for ice cream with a friend who went to another school. i thought landon would be clingy or rowdy or even tired but no. he was just landon.
spartan's 6U coach pitch

flash forward a few weeks and landon is so happy! i'm so happy! i wish i didn't have to pick up everyday but considering i hardly ever do drop off, that's really a win. justin takes landon to school almost every morning and landon just adores the time alone with him. he loves his teacher and after volunteering at his school one day, i'm so happy with the school and i'm glad i put him in. yeah he's tired at the end of the day and gets crabby but it was the right thing for him. i absolutely hate pick up though. i have to wake up all the babies, feed, milk, pee, and dress both of them and get them in a hot car. we drive to school, park far away then hoof it into the school to pick up landon. it is quite miserable and i'm sick of it already. but it's worth it.
landon with his buddies on the play ground

right now he's doing STEAM club after school at the library which has been a blast. he does baseball two days a week, plus games, and that makes for a long day. we are in the car constantly and my poor little babies are sick of it. we eat more packaged food then i like. i guess that's the stage i'm at now. he already got his first progress report and i'm so proud of how well he's doing already. i found a carpool for him so i won't have to pick up every single day. hallelujah! this marks the first of the years where i'll be in my car 24-7. i just wish my CD player wasn't broken.

welcome to the wonder years.
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KinderTeach said...

The only advice that mattered was mine. 😉 I may not know a whole lot about everything, but I know a whole lot about my world. I am so glad he is happy there. I'm excited to hear all about it when I see him in a few weeks.

Kari said...

Oh Kindergarten. I feel you. I feel everything about this. I am so sorry about the picking up madness, and now I'm grateful for the buses that I whine having to wait at the stop for. And the car thing: that is why I don't want to sign my kids up for anything. Ever. I hope Landon has the best year of kindergarten ever.

Caitlin said...

I'm glad he is having such a great time in kindergarten!! I'm sorry pick up is so awful though. i'm lucky because i literally walk down the street for Abby. But I'm so glad he is thriving so much!

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