Friday, October 14, 2016

landon's olympic 5th birthday

aren't you sick of reading about my first born yet? you know i'm not but i gave birth to him. seriously people he's not that special.

but hey, since you're here, let me tell you about his party. it was so much fun! the best one i've thrown yet. i got the idea from a summer play group i did. landon just adored it and i knew that's what i wanted to do. he loves competing and at the end of the day, the best thing you can do is actually PLAY with your child instead of just throwing money at them. and that's exactly what i did! plus it worked out that his birthday came after the 4th of july and after the summer olympics.

i bought 85% of the stuff early and on clearance! sha-zam! i also got a flag banner from aliexpress that was seriously the best money i've ever spent. i planned the party 3-5 so i didn't have to spend as much money on food/prizes and more on the games and invite more friends. we had a total of 18 kids - can you imagine? it was chaos. it was so much fun though. the day before a family friend offered a bounce house for their present [it's their business] and that was a huge hit! we played on that for the first bit and then moved into the clubhouse for the opening ceremonies [pledge of alliance and flag raising]. then we moved onto the games!

he chose dinner at north side nathans pizza - griffin was not pleased

we did a replay race with the olympic torch, balance beams, water relay, javelin [water balloon toss], skiing [ramp race], archery [water bottle squirting] and make your own flag. thankfully i had some great friends that took a lot of pictures. landon's favorite part was when my brother climbed on the roof of the clubhouse and drenched me in a bucket of water. sadly that was griffin's worst memory because i was holding him at the same time.

treats were minimal: strawberries, cheeto puffs, patriotic twizzlers & chocolates, cupcakes and by special request, sour patch rice krispie treats. the goody bag had chocolates in them and each kid left with their own flag and a medal. like i said, minimal because the emphasis was on the fun. landon received awesome gifts including roller skates, lego sets, building sets, hero toy, scooter, battleship, watch, power ranger costume, leap frog games, snap circuits, art supplies, and his personal favorite, a special date with mema to chuck e cheese with his best friend tanner.

i just love spoiling my kids and throwing parties. we had such a fun time. now just keep an eye out for MY 30th birthday party....
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KinderTeach said...

You plan the best parties. That's why you're one of the cool moms

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