Monday, October 24, 2016

turn off the boob tube & read: harry potter & the cursed mother

i have no idea why i was waiting so long to read the 8th harry potter novel, harry potter and the cursed child. well actually, i do know. shortly after the book came out, i read a spoiler online that suggested that albus potter and scorpius malfoy were in a relationship. that just kind of made me angry and felt very political. turns out that was completely inaccurate. i also wasn't too jazzed about the screenplay format and i didn't know how any other appendage to the harry potter universe could live up to the original 8. don't tell i'm not the only one who was less then thrilled about tales of beetle the bard. well i was way off base. it was thrilled to revisit these characters who i know and love. to see them in a way i hadn't before [as old people. which i currently am]. the first night i just dipped my toes in. the second night i stayed up until 11pm! that's like 4 hours past my bedtime!

i don't want to give away too many spoilers...well i do, but i won't. i'll try not to at least. the story follows albus, harry's son, as he attends hogwarts. it glosses over his first few years but here's the jist. he was sorted into slytherin, is best friends is scorporius malfoy, and is not talented at all like his father. he hates living in his father's shadow and the two have a tumultuous relationship. harry is visited by amos diggory and is shamed into feeling responsible for cedric's death. albus overhears the conversation and sets on a path to change history with the help of a newly discovered time turner. not only does he royally screw up... a couple times, but we also get to revisit some famous scenes that we know very well. in true rowling style, the books leaves on a happy note and i was pleased as well.

reading this book made me even MORE excited for my harry potter 30th birthday [less then a month to go!]. i think i joined the harry potter fandom around book two or three. i vividly remember seeing someone reading it at lunchtime in junior high and being curious. the rest was history! midnight releases, harry potter themed birthday party, getting the first movie on VHS like a boss, recieving my own olivander's wand, trying my first chocolate frog. harry potter is the essence of my childhood. and it is for so many as well! and i'm super excited for everyone to see how bossume my party is going to be. so go out and buy the book! it is definitely one you'll want on your bookshelf.

unlike the short life of bree tanner. stephenie meyers you sterred me wrong!
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KinderTeach said...

Don't forget to take all your HP books back when you come up here

Caitlin said...

I have not read this book for the same feelings as you, but now i know its good!! I am actually (slowly) re-reading all the books now (between phone calls at work. The worst) and then i'll read it!

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