Sunday, October 9, 2016

landon's birthday interview: 5

my blind mother took this- can you imagine?
age: 5
weight: i don't know 
favorite color: red and green [christmas colors! not on purpose]
favorite movie: jurassic park [no he has not seen it. he's played the jurassic world game at chuck e cheeses' so basically the movie]
favorite food: sour patch kids
best friend: tanner
favorite tv show: rescue bots
favorite book: lego ninjago
favorite toy: lego or nerf guns
favorite place to visit: arizona [maybe to see his favorite cousins?]
favorite thing to do with daddy: play nerf guns
favorite thing to do with mommy: build legos
favorite animal: wolf [i had to guide this one. he didn't really have one]
favorite sport: baseball
when i grow up, i'm going to be: i don't know yet
favorite person: grandma shell
favorite song: praise to the man
favorite drink: sour drinks
what are you really good at: playing baseball
where do you want to go on vacation: disneyland
what would you do if you had $1,000: the biggest toy in the 
favorite flavor of ice cream: chocolate cookies [he usually picks vanilla]
favorite treat: sour patch kids
who is your hero: i don't know [in his primary program he said captain mormoni and the 2000 strippling warriors]
favorite scripture story: joseph smith fell out the window [seriously. he even asked me to play this one day with is nerf guns. then we had a talk about being respectful of the dead]
what do you want to do before your next birthday: go to gravady [big plans this one]

age 4 interview
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