Monday, September 26, 2016

life lately: boogers, bums, and babies

life lately has been full of it's ups and downs. porter acted like he got the golden tickets when i gave him the full sleeve of ritz crackers. he is a giant cracker monster. down has been a booger monster who is fighting a little bug and some monstrous teeth. down when porter got an owie and though his life was over. up was griffin playing with scarves at storytime.
lately we've been spending all of our time in the car. my poor kids- and this is our first kid! imagine what it'll be like when all of them are in sports/school! here porter is trying to block out the sun. he is seriously so whiney after naptime. speaking of whiney, i've been going through a rough time. hence the afternoon donuts. poor justin got sick on his birthday and only took one bite from his banana cream pie that i worked so hard to make! and griffin, learning how to get down from high places then instantly regretting it.
 life has been crazy fun! september is my favorite month because there are so many birthdays and so many people to love. taylor's pj mask party was so fun! meghan is a fun mom and i aspire to be like her. porter especially loved his jelly shoes but not selfie apparently. and look at my sweet baby bear. he loves to snuggle me like this and i have no pictures of it. so even though my eyes are closed and i'm in my ugly jammies, i still cherish it.
lately we enjoyed one last day of summer. the pool was a bit cold but it was so fun. summer went by so quickly and so slowly at the same time. i love love love having a pool and we really got our monies worth out of it this summer.
lately i've been counting my blessings- one two three. i volunteered at landon's school to bring some treats to his friends and it was so much fun. it made me so glad i picked his charter school and made me love his teacher more. he was so sweet- blowing me kisses and snuggling me. it just made both of our days! oh look, more boogers from griffin. here he is licking them. and then that cute tushie i just love on!
 lately we've been enjoying the outside more. thank goodness for cooler weather! at porter's school, he saw a roller and wanted to take a picture to make landon jealous. it worked. it was eating our first meal at the new kings table. it was griffin learning how to climb in this chair and being so proud of himself. it's been throwing two baby showers in a week and making so many treats. including this yummy zucchini bread.
 life has been visiting grandpa and kristi at their dog tournament and making a sign for toby. it's been learning about missionaries during FHE and making ourselves tags. then eating some chocolate oatmeal and making a big big mess! it's been starting my day off snuggling my three main men and loving being a mom. and it's been the terrible terrible pick ups from school. waking both kids up from naps- them being tired and grumpy and hungry. trying to get them fed/clothes/use the potty and picking up our brother in time. it is no easy feat. how in the world am i going to do this for YEARS?!
lastly, life has been porter taking center stage. he is in a 'class' that's not really a class. more like an organized play group but we love it. he's also taking a sports class and hates it. this kid is not as athletically inclined as landon is. it's been griffin taking big risks and getting so brave. and two brothers who really do love each other, despite the constant fighting/yelling/biting.

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Kari said...

Booger pictures: gross!! And it gets easier carting your kids around and driving them to so many different activities when they can get themselves ready on their own. Get their own shoes on, get in the car and buckle themselves in without help and without a naptime to interrupt. I still hate driving my kids around, and If it were up to me my kids would do nothing ever because I'm super lazy. Not to mention I just started over with Kendrick.

Whew, anyway. Cute, cute boys. And it looks like you've been busy with lots of fun!

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