Tuesday, February 23, 2016

life lately: tears & tractors

life lately has been visits from grandma shell. she came into town for porter's birthday and then to help get her house ready to sell. she really is just the best. i wish she lived in las vegas again but alas, utah has stolen my mother. 
life has been joyful. spending time away from the kids is a nice recharge, especially since griffin can take a bottle. hallelujah! it's been lots of snuggles from my little piranha. one day he won't want me to pick him up and love on him all the time. when that happens, i'll be devastated but right now, sometimes its too much. porter is the snuggliest little monster and i love loving on him. except when he bites at the gym and gets me kicked out - that is just messed up. oh look how adorable my 3 boys are- feeding griffin, taking a bath together. the cutest. then look at all my self-control. that yellow container has a package's worth full of oreo filling. and i did not partake.

life has been spent at the dentist. landon does so well...until he chose chocolate toothpaste [i should have intervened]. it was adorable how porter laid down and copied landon.
lately i've been enjoying motherhood more. thank you for getting out of my system zoloft! porter loves babies and decided to take one of them on a horsey ride at the irelands. it's been a tired little pumpkin fall asleep 5 minutes before tball. literally 5 minutes. it's been a cute little hat boy - my boys love hats. and it's been spying landon being the best big brother and playing with griffin.
lastly, life has been helping daddy outside. this is why i have boys - to help fix up my house! it's been teaching griffin to learn how to sit up. he does not want to learn. speaking of things he doesn't want to learn, it's how to roll. he'll scream into the carpet for 20 minutes instead of trying to roll. oh, and life is full of tears. hair cuts are the worst.

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KinderTeach said...

You are lucky to have Grandma Shell there for a few days. Enjoy while you can. I don't imagine week long visits will happen after the house is sold.

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