Tuesday, February 16, 2016

baby update: no tootsie roll

monthage: 6
what a ham - eating peas

poundage: 18

teethage: none but that'd surprise you considering how hard he chomps on things

what griffin eats: boobs boobs boobs. orange was his first food but only because he was whining and i need a few minutes so i gave him some. he liked it well enough. then squash, broccoli, apple sauce and banana. he did not like any of that, especially not broccoli [in his defense, i did leave some little chunks so maybe it was texture that was the problem]. i'm really hoping that changes because i'm ready for this guy to EAT! and drink less. food is a good distraction but it is messy. i've put some food in the baby net and he has LOVED that. he still spits up quite a bit; way more then my other boys.

how griffin sleeps: ehh. i don't have any real expectations with this third child. he naps in his carseat almost all day which breaks my heart. so he naps for 20-30 minutes at a time which stinks. sometimes i can nurse him back to sleep in the afternoon and get maybe an hour. at night he nurses still 3-5x, depending upon the night. the only day i only nursed him twice! can you imagine?! i need to get him sleeping through the night asap as possible because i've got a vacation planned in june and no babies are invited!

what griffin loves: snuggling. being held. chewing and chomping on things. his binky [say goodbye to that within the next fews months!]. he loves his brothers, especially landon. they make him laugh like no other. he loves standing up [but not in a jumper] and wiggling. he loves looking around and seeing people. it's all so loud and crazy all the time- he does not have time to sit and love on mama. but he does love kisses and tickles.

what griffin hates: TUMMY TIME! this kid will be in college and still not roll. granted, i'm not super diligent but he gets it a couple times a day. and proboly rolled 4x in his lifetime [landon always trys to help him when my back is turned]. he doesn't like food as i mentioned or being ignored for too long. that being said, he does pretty good with being ignored. and because he's in the car so often, he hates his car seat and will scream most of the rides.

what we're looking forward to: food is always fun. i'm excited for him to start rolling and moving and getting into things. this house will be new, unchartered territory for both of us in that way. i'm excited for summer time with him- especially now that i have my own pool! and if we can figure a few things out, i'd like to take him on his first road trip. thankfully i can tune out screaming like a champ.

i just love this little squish ball. people say he looks like me and i love that. he is such a chill dude and loves on me and his brothers so much. i am one blessed mama!
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Caitlin said...

Happy 6 months Griffin!! boy, time is just flying and i feel like i don't see nearly enough pictures of him. but i agree, he does look like you for sure. so sad that he is 6 months and i have yet to meet him. :(

Kari said...

What a cutie! And I sure hope he sleeps through the night for your sanity!

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